Blinjoe’s Records officially launches in Nigeria to propel new undiscovered talent


Blinjoe’s Records has launched its record label in Lagos, Nigeria to help propel new artists in Africa and around the world. 


Blinjoe’s Records has launched its record label in Lagos, Nigeria to help propel new artists in Africa and around the world.

The Nigerian music industry alone is currently experiencing a boom, with the country’s population of 200 million people and young music listeners increasingly looking for new acts and alternative musical genres.

Undiscovered musicians and singers have been able to upload their music and videos to sites such as YouTube or SoundCloud in recent years which has made music more accessible. The number of Nigerian musicians has also increased steadily in recent years due to many new artists emerging onto the scene and growing demand for music in Africa and around the world.

Blinjoe’s Records his aiming to sign its first recording artist later this year, with a focus on building up their career and providing rising talent with a platform to propel their music – helping them to stand above the crowd in an increasingly competitive industry.

Thanks to their team’s experience with music consumption data, the label is providing unsigned artists the chance to succeed with the latest insights on listener habits to give them a market edge. Offering flexible contracts as well as strategic planning, marketing, financing, funding and public relations, Blinjoe’s Records aims to become a powerhouse record label at the heart of Nigeria’s vibrant music industry. The label is also launching a music distribution service to help build rising talent.

With music playing a vital role in the social lives of Africans, the power of song has been used by established artists to unify and bind communities together. The rise of Afro-pop, Afrobeats, Hip hop and Kwaito are all genres that have grown massively in recent years due to online streaming platforms as well. However, many artists struggle to make their voice heard as it’s not easy to promote music to international audiences, and this can often hold back talented individuals from finding real success.

Artists that are interested in learning more about Blinjoe’s Records can submit their work and get in contact via Instagram for consideration. The label is expected to announce its first signed artist later in 2021.

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