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Digital Weekday provides advertisers with a number of ways to promote upcoming announcements including sponsored articles. Our advertising services also offer audience targeting through social media for effective campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. To find out more, see our options below to get started.

Sponsored articles

Get sponsored articles and guests posts on Digital Weekday about your business. Establish your reputation with a high quality article that talks about your products and services. (Promotional content will include a sponsorship or partnership label on the article.)

Press release distribution

Get your business news announcements published and promoted through Digital Weekday and our social channels. Learn more about how to distribute your press release.

Social media promotions

Grow your brand online with our social media promotion services where you can promote your latest updates through Digital Weekday social accounts (sponsored or Ad label will be featured on the post). Some of our social media promotions include:

  • Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts
  • Stories on Instagram

For all advertising enquiries

You can get in contact with us regarding advertising enquiries here: [email protected]