US press release distribution

Distribute your press release

Digital Weekday’s press release distribution service offers businesses and PR agencies the option to submit their news for publication. Press releases and business announcements can be submitted to our news desk by ordering our service below for just $349. This includes our targeted audience feature, allowing businesses to target a specific demographic of readers, interests and city location to promote news releases. (Request a free sample)

What's included in our US press release distribution

  • Press release distributed on Digital Weekday
  • Release promoted through social channels (Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn)
  • Up to 3 images per release
  • A video embed (YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Unlimited content length
  • Up to 5 links per press release
  • Permanent indexation on Digital Weekday
  • Targeted audiences
  • 5000 minimum guaranteed impressions
  • Distribution analytics report (Add-on) $50

How to get started

By clicking the order button below and completing the checkout, one of our team will be notified of your payment, and follow up with you to arrange the distribution of your release on our platform. You will need to provide us with a Word document or .PDF file of your press release along with any relevant images, which should be a minimum of 1200px wide for best results.


What industries / topics do you cover?

Press releases can be related to business announcements, entertainment, tech, government, health, science, gaming, sport, music, arts & culture, events and nonprofits.

How long will I have to wait for the press release to go live?

Please allow 1 business day for your press release to go live on our platform however if you need a same-day delivery this is also possible. To ensure that your release gets distributed on the day you submit it, contact us before ordering this service.

What happens once my press release is submitted to Digital Weekday?

Your press release will be distributed through our platform including any associated images that you provided.

Will there be an analytics report of how many people saw my release?

In our standard package this is not included however if you order the add-on analytics report, you will receive this.

What happens once I’ve made my order?

One of our team will contact you via email to guide you through the next steps. You will be asked to provide your press release in a Word document or in .PDF format.

Can I get a free sample to see how it could look?

Yes. Please request a free sample by completing the form.

Do you distribute press releases in the US only?

Our platform is primarily for US readers, but if you have a US and internationally focused announcement, we do accept these. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Can my press release go out on Digital Weekday on weekends?

Yes. If you are able to make your order before 12 noon ET on Friday, we will be able to schedule it for the weekend on a date of your choosing.

What if I need to make corrections?

We can provide a round of corrections for releases once they have gone live on the platform.

Do you provide discounts for more than 1 release at a time?

We currently offer a 25% discount on individual press releases if you make 2 or more orders at the same time. Please contact us on mail(at) and we will provide you with a custom checkout link with the discount added.