The power of music and its impact on manifestation: Interview with mantra singer Miss Pravala


Mantra singer and spiritual entrepreneur Miss Pravala is helping women to change their lives through the power of music and manifestation.

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Mantra singer and spiritual entrepreneur Miss Pravala is helping women to change their lives through the power of music and manifestation.

Raised in Central Africa, Miss Pravala is an energy healer trained in Shamballa energy healing and magnetism techniques, where she has dedicated much of her life to growing her spirituality and helping others find self love and happiness.

As a mother of two children, Miss Pravala has been encouraging women to discover their inner most desires and how they can incorporate mantras, rituals of magic and spirituality, to transform into the best self-loving version of themselves.

Revealing her latest mantra music video “Ombwiri Shakti” this week, the energy healer is helping to channel the kundalini awakening through a spiritual tantric melody that activates blessings and miracles.

Discover more about Miss Pravala’s latest music mantra and how she’s empowering women through her work as a healer and spiritual entrepreneur in our exclusive interview below.

Interview with Miss Pravala

What inspired you to create your latest mantra music video?

This mantra is very special to me. The journey of spiritual awakening and transformation is often a painful one, as it is directly linked to the capacity to let go of past trauma and surrender to the unknown, the divine. This mantra is the oldest and most powerful spiritual mantra used in kundalini practices. It was important for me to show women that spirituality is not something far away from them, but on the contrary, that it is a path of beauty and magic, something close to living a dream wide awake.

My origins, coming from a tribe known as « the mermaid tribe » in an island along the coast of Africa, we’re the perfect canvas to illustrate this notion of magic and beauty that reminds us of the mythical tales and legends of (mer) goddesses.

How did you come up with the visual concept and what messages do you want to transmit through your latest video?

The video is a metaphor for my spiritual coming out, showing up in the world as my goddess self and no longer pretending to be a common mortal.

The message is that every woman carries this goddess seed that she needs to explore in order to create magic in her life. It is an exploration of her inner radiance and owning up to being an ethereal goddess once she is ready to remove the mask that urges us all to remain mediocre in hopes of fitting in.

What role has music played in your work as a spiritual entrepreneur?

Music is intricately linked to my own spiritual growth. I’ve been singing sacred mantras from the Temples (Buddhist, Hindu and tantric temples) for 2 decades now.

Though non-traditional means, the way I bring out those sacred words is my humble contribution spreading a message of self love, and my hope is that the urban tunes I chose will, in no way, diminish the power of the words themselves and the emotions they bring in a student of goddess spirituality.

The way I sing my mantras, the way I dance to them is a devotional act of Love.

Can you share some insights into how healing can occur through the power of music and mantras in general?

Music is a very powerful tool for healing and empowering. It has the power to give hope and joy!

On a metaphysical and spiritual level/aspect, music has been used for thousands of years to quiet down the restless mind and being out the Divine, through the dance of the Soul.

It’s like you’re put in an hypnotic trance and you are able to absorb the emotions conveyed by the tunes.

Mantras are sacred words that have a cosmic component, which, when repeated in a loop, create a momentum of energy that is propelled to multidimensional realms. As such, mantras sung, along with pleasant, rhythmic tunes, have the capacity to shift reality, making you do quantum jumps and actual mental time travel which is a powerful way to manifest ones desires through an act that looks genuinely easy and fun, but that is, in reality, great magic!

What should people do if they want to manifest certain things in their life? Is it through specific mantras that they can attain new prosperity or find rejuvenation in their health?

Unlike prayers where one kneels down or bows down to a power supposedly greater than themselves, begging to be saved, mantras help us bring to life our own divinity, making us the god/goddesses of our own reality in the 3D.

This is no blasphemy as we recognize a higher creative force, which religions may call God, the Almighty.

But as soul beings experiencing material existence, we were granted certain powers, like the ability to craft our own experience through understanding the Universal Laws and also applying what is called our free will. As such, our free will is what makes us the masters of our creation.

Mantras are an easily accessible tool to use when one feels misaligned in one aspect of their human experience, may it be through seeking love and sacred intimacy, effortless money through following one’s purpose and life mission or health. What I call the goddess lifestyle, aka heaven on earth. Except that there are as many heavens as there are people. It’s not this one garden that some fantasize about going to once they are done with their human adventure. Heaven can be lived here. Mantras are specific. For one type of alignment sought, there is its corresponding sacred words, which, put next to one another, create power words of invocation to bring manifestation to life.

When singing and tantrically dancing to a mantra, we become the manifestation itself.

As per law of attraction, you manifest what you are, not what you want. Consequently, as you sing the mantra, you embody the manifestation, becoming an irresistible magnet to your desire. You become the manifestation itself and what you sought now is the part that is in fact chasing you.

What would be your advice for people wishing to start their spiritual journey?

To stop thinking of spirituality as something outside of themselves. We are all born spiritual because we are spirit/soul before being flesh and bones and thoughts.

It is just a matter of deciding to give our life meaning beyond what our eyes can see and finding what truly makes us authentic.

To start, just acknowledge that you are and have the goddess essence. Then start listening with your heart rather than your programming. Sit in silence daily, learn to identify when it is you speaking or rather, your fear, your doubts or any other limiting aspect of you that is not you.

Singing mantras is an easy daily practice which takes no effort and that provides true transformation without feeling like you are working. Mantras are the goddess way of praying.

As for the rest, once this divine essence is awakening, you will be led to the path of alignment. Things, instructions, guidelines will come to you through the voice of intuition and it will feel normal. Healing, empowering instructions of healers, gurus, books or whatever else you need will present themselves in a dance of lucky synchronicity.

Are there any upcoming events we should know about?

So many new projects I’m working on!

Many events like my Venusian yoga videos, which Dakinis (tantric students) will be able to use as inspiration for their daily goddess manifestation rituals; also I have now a full Goddess life transformation course which is a series of lectures, guided meditations and channeling which is the closest you will be to being a true temple initiate, expect that you do it in the comfort of your home and at your pace. Dakinis who started taking it said it is truly life changing… I’ll also attend the Cannes Film Festival and of course, my yoni tantric retreat, which will take place in an extraordinary location…because of the sanity situation in the world, I’m still working out the details so it is luxury and truly life changing. And so far, I know that it’s going to be either in Morocco or in Turkey next April.

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