One Milk Tea sees rapid growth as Americans seek more premium tea varieties


Launching its first cafe two years ago, One Milk Tea has seen an exponential increase in demand for premium teas.

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Launching its first cafe two years ago, One Milk Tea has seen an exponential increase in demand for premium teas. Thanks to its unique formula and expertise in creating the perfect blend of tea flavors, One Milk Tea has become popular among consumers eager to explore new tastes.

One Milk Tea is a boba milk tea cafe that was originally founded in Sacramento, California. The business saw a growing demand for specialist and healthy teas and decided it was the right time to open a location. Following its successful launch, the business soon expanded and offered a new range of premium teas. In 2021 two new locations were opened in Roseville and Oakland to meet rising demand. With strong year-on-year growth, the brand has found a loyal following of customers and is expecting to open new premises later this year and in California in 2022.

In the last 10 years, Americans have increasingly becoming tea drinkers. They are more health conscious and are looking for healthier options when it comes to their choice of beverages. You can drink it hot or cold, add milk, honey, lemon, mint or any other flavor you want to it and still get a multitude of different benefits.

With its offer of quality premium teas, One Milk Tea decided to specialize in a variety of flavors for those looking to experience new teas that weren’t available at local cafes. From its popular Brown Sugar Milk Teas to its authentic taro wrapped Taro Milk Tea, there’s a tea variety for every individual’s personal tastes.

Each day, more than 159 million Americans drink tea and since 2018, we’ve been consuming more than 3.8 million gallons of tea each year. It’s no wonder that there’s such a big appetite for more unique tea blends.

One Milk Tea has been perfecting its ingredients to make each of its drinks special, and thanks to its customer centric approach, it has received rave reviews and continues to outshine its competitors.

With each store location bringing a different vibe, tea drinkers can bring friends and family to discover the next trending premium tea.

Have you considered trying different types of premium teas?

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