22-year-old entrepreneur Levy Dixon from Fort Pierce, FL expands advertising company with new LED billboard truck


Entrepreneur Levy Dixon has found a growing demand for LED mobile billboard advertising in Florida over the past year.

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Entrepreneur Levy Dixon has found a growing demand for LED mobile billboard advertising in Florida over the past year. This has resulted in a record number of ads being displayed, with the business revealing this week their latest new addition to their fleet of billboard trucks.

With the booming mobile advertising space, Levy Dixon from the city of Fort Pierce found clients were looking to get their services promoted differently and away from the saturated social media platforms and online search engines. Following the launch of his business, Totally Fashions Mobile Billboards, the young entrepreneur quickly found success, advertising local businesses with his 10×20 billboard trailer that could make a big impact and reach a large, targeted audience.

After the company’s early popularity, it soon expanded and now has a fleet of 5 mobile billboard trucks & trailers serving a variety of industries and providing mobile advertising space across the city of Fort Pierce and around the state of Florida.

While Levy’s advertising business has been growing rapidly with corporate clients, the entrepreneur also works with small businesses and provides them with easy financing options with the help of third-party partners. Thanks to this formula, he’s managed to help hundreds of businesses stand out and get higher premium advertising that’s affordable, giving them a host of new impactful advertising options for their upcoming campaigns.

With a personal approach to client work, Dixon meets business owners in person to conceptualize the promotion strategy, and works closely with them to create the perfect outdoor advertising campaign. Having done extensive research into billboard advertising, Totally Fashions Mobile Billboards is disrupting the traditional advertising space by making highly visible billboards accessible to a variety of businesses from local law firms to shops, restaurants and cinemas.

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