Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes inspires next generation of business leaders with new Podcast Show


Jeff Lopes’ new Podcast series The Jeff Knows Inc. Show is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed in business.

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Canadian entrepreneur Jeff Lopes has embraced podcasting to share his passion for brand building with the next generation of business leaders.

Having successfully coached and mentored young entrepreneurs throughout his career, Jeff launched The Jeff Knows Inc. Show during lockdown to help inspire business builders and bring his wealth of knowledge to the podcasting space.

Based in Toronto, Jeff is a father of two and built his business from the ground up, launching Kimurawear, a globally recognized brand that provides athletic gear and a range of sports products to children as well as adults. To-date, Kimurawear has sold more than a quarter of a million pairs of boxing gloves in 1800+ locations across North America and continues to expand its global presence.

Since the entrepreneur’s inaugural podcast back in early April, Jeff has shared his secrets to survival during difficult times, brand building, mindset, and staying healthy. Jeff also aims to teach entrepreneurs about family life and the work-life balance so that they can get financial freedom and happiness.

Recent prominent guests on The Jeff Knows Inc. Show include the likes of David Meltzer, Evan Carmichael, Paul Getter, Erik Salzenstein, and Joey Yak – exploring a host of topics from marketing in the music business to Instagram strategies for young entrepreneurs that want to learn how to take their game to the next level.

With many entrepreneurs looking to innovate and set themselves apart, Jeff’s latest episodes dive deep into the world of business, and provide a host of insights from industry greats that have achieved exceptional results in their various fields.

Discover Jeff’s most recent episodes from The Jeff Knows Inc. Show and follow his latest updates on Instagram and Facebook.

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