Things You Should Know Before Buying a DNA37 Kit


The DNA37 kit is helping people understand their genetic predispositions in terms of health in order to guide them on lifestyle choices. This test offers information on autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA sequences.


So you’ve decided that you need to get a home DNA testing kit. Maybe you want to confirm paternity, maybe you want to trace your genetic makeup and find out where your ancestors came from hundreds of years ago. You’ve decided on getting DNA37 as your test kit of choice and you’re ready to make your purchase. Before you make the leap and click purchase, there are a few things you should know about DNA37 that will make your experience all the more convenient and enjoyable.

How much does it cost?

Like with any other thing that you buy whether online or in person, you want to know how much the DNA37 kit costs and what it offers. This depends on what specific kit you are buying and what you intend to do with it. The cheapest option is the starter kit that is $49. This kit is very basic and only gets you your raw DNA data. This raw DNA data then allows you to upload it to either DNA37‘s database or to another company that then analyzes it.

Simply put, you won’t be getting confirmation of parental relationship or a breakdown of your ancestry but you will get the data that can allow another company to determine this for you. The next potential kit you can pay for is the basic ancestry test which is $79. This test offers information on autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA sequences. With an additional fee, an ancestry book can be created for you and this allows you to trace your specific ancestry. There’s an option to get a wellness kit for $99 or get the wellness and ancestry kit for $149. Depending on your needs and what you are trying to do with the data in question, any of these might be right for you.

How Does it Work?

While many of us might’ve heard of the idea of a home DNA testing kit, a lot of us don’t actually know how it works and what the process of getting results is. Does someone come over to your house to take samples? How do they get the results in the first place? How do you know what your results are?

For DNA37, there are three easy steps to get your kit and your results. First, you have to purchase the kit from the DNA37 website and it will be delivered to your doorstep. The samples have to be collected by you and they are quite simple to do. You take a swab included in the kit and swab the inside of your mouth and put it into an airtight container provided in the kit. You then post it in a pre-stamped box that is also included in the kit and it is then taken to the lab for testing. Once your results have been processed, they will be available on your DNA37 profile that can be accessed through the official website. This ensures confidentiality and easy access to your results once they are available.

What Can I Do With the Results?

Once you have the results of your DNA37 kit, there are many things you can do with it. If you choose to get the starter kit, you can upload this information to either DNA37 itself or try another service to conduct genetic testing to determine your family lineage. If you got one of the more complex kits, such as the one that comes with an ancestry book, you can begin the process of tracing long-lost relatives and building your family tree. There are testing options available with DNA37 that include testing for genetic predispositions in terms of health and this can help you tailor your lifestyle choices in a way that is most compatible with your genetic makeup.

Is It Safe?

It’s natural when you think of something relating to medical testing to be concerned about your safety. This is even more so considering that you will be sending your genetic samples to a company from across the internet and worry about such sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

With DNA37, you need not worry about this. The collecting of samples is completely painless and once the data is given to the company, it will only be handled with extreme care. For example, DNA37 does not aggregate user data the way a number of other companies do and this means that you won’t be bothered by annoying ads after using the service.

Where Do I Get It?

DNA test kits are sold everywhere on the internet these days including popular e-commerce sites like Amazon. For DNA37, it is best to order directly from the official website. DNA37 offers both standard and express shipping depending on your needs and there are also discounts for buying several kits at a time. Going directly through the website means you can easily have access to customer service and can also access your results instantly.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to get a DNA37 kit, here are five things that you should know ahead of time to make your journey easier. From how much to cut costs to how much you are getting, all these will help you make the best of your DNA37 testing kit.

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