Hotwire and Jason Derulo announce national contest in search for the best travel transformation

© Hotwire / Jason Derulo

Hotels are back, and Hotwire is on a mission to take 2021 “revenge travel” to new heights and elevate #hotels beyond the means and wildest dreams of Americans. Now, in a new campaign, the online travel app has launched a TikTok challenge looking for a traveler willing to upgrade to receive a trip worth $50,000 with private jet service. To launch the challenge, the travel experts are calling in the heavy artillery: they’re teaming up with TikTok legend, musician and upgrade aficionado Jason Derulo to launch and judge the contest.

Here’s how to enter: Follow @HotwireTravel and explain why you’re ready for a getaway and where you’d rather be using #HotwireHotelGoals and creative inspiration from the one and only Jason Derulo. Go from the dreariness of home to the magic of the hotel by showing off your green screen skills and choosing the dreamiest hotel background you can find. From your couch to a fabulous infinity pool, or from your office to a rooftop bar at a five-star hotel, the possibilities are endless, just like when you book a fancy hotel at an incredible price on Hotwire.

Hotwire offers a whole new way to book travel with its mystery hotel deals called “Hot Rates,” which allow travelers to save big on a better experience than they thought possible. Likewise, once the contest winner selects the domestic destination of their choice, Hotwire will take care of the rest, including arranging a luxury mystery hotel and private jet travel for the stay.

The TikTok challenge is part of Hotwire’s latest initiative, Book Beyond Your Wildest Means, which aims to make the unattainable accessible to discerning travelers. Beyond winning a celebrity-worthy getaway extravaganza for one lucky recipient, the campaign includes a robust programming rollout beginning in 2021 that will allow travelers to enhance their favorite experiences at every turn.

The reasoning is simple: Hotwire believes that staying at a truly great hotel shouldn’t be so rare. There’s no need to settle for mediocre rooms and tiny showers just because you’re a budget boss. When travelers use the Hotwire app, they can unlock better hotels in better locations with better details that they’ll want to share on their social networks – all for the price they might have paid for a worse hotel. So why book a cheap hotel, when you can book an expensive hotel for cheap on Hotwire?

What’s more, a recent Hotwire survey found that while luxury hotel rooms are part of the travel fantasies of the majority of millennials who are starting to hit the road again, nearly 60 percent1 have never stayed in a five-star hotel. Hotwire is ready to change that this summer as the world opens its doors to travelers once again.

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