Tru-Matrix helps home owners upgrade their properties with its transparent construction and electrical contractor service


Tru-Matrix Contracting Services LLC based out of San Antonio, Texas is helping home owners get their renovation projects completed without the drawbacks of them having to find multiple contractors.

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Tru-Matrix Contracting Services LLC based out of San Antonio, Texas is helping home owners get their renovation projects completed without the drawbacks of them having to find multiple contractors.

For many home owners, hiring an electrical contractor or an engineer can be an arduous task, and often when hiring contractors, projects can take months to complete.

Husband and wife team Ronnie and Kristi decided to launch their business having found the frustrations with their friends who had started construction projects in their homes, but often were never able to get the work completed. “They never came back” and “the job was scheduled to be done three months ago and I can’t reach them” were just some of the typical stories they heard.

Initially volunteering to help their community with project management support dealing with construction and electrical, Ronnie and Kristi set up a new business, Tru-Matrix, to deliver projects directly, managing the whole process from A-Z. With both having a long history of supporting trade groups, associations and trade programs in south Texas, Ronnie and Kristi have understood how important it is to support all community members.

Kristi has also worked as a community advocate and chamber President to help people seeking work find opportunities from any age. This has helped her understand the skilled trade arena and its vital impact on the city’s economic growth. 

A frustration with many homeowners is that electrical and construction work requires a contractor to project manage, and delegate activities to other trades such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. This can lead to projects not getting completed on time or even being halted because a contractor doesn’t assemble the correct team or is not financially committed to completing the renovation. 

For Ronnie and Kristi, seeing people stuck in this familiar scenario without skilled teams to help them was something they wanted to fix for their friends and people in the community. As the trade is so crucial to the success of the city’s economic future, Kristi and Ronnie have been encouraging employees to strive for more, and even return to school to include their families so they can benefit. 

With the successful launch of Tru-Matrix, they’re now providing a transparent service for both interior and exterior requirements. Whether it’s lighting design, electrical re-wiring, patio maintenance, interior painting or texture and dry wall repairs, they’re helping people get the job done.

They also work closely with other local small businesses and frequently partner with those services in a variety of areas including computer networking, cabling, alarm systems, kitchen appliance repair, specialty lighting, plumbing and more. This includes sharing job opportunities and resources with other small up and coming businesses as well as working closely with nonprofits and community leaders on providing workers with mental health and community resource support. 

“We inspect and perform all the work ourselves. Our priority is providing top notch services to our customers each and every encounter. We will always be onsite and in communication with you,” said Kristi Villanueva.

For many homeowners, finding reliable contractors who can do all these tasks is difficult and costly. Tru-Matrix brings all the skills under one roof so that homeowners can find licensed experts, save money, and be reassured that projects will be supervised and completed to a high standard. 

Have you got an upcoming commercial or home renovation project in Texas that needs a professional service? Let’s make it happen together.

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