Hip Hop artist Medulla encouraging music listeners to live their dreams


Seattle based up and coming hip-hop artist Medulla is setting the tone for his new music to inspire listeners around the world.

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Seattle based up and coming hip-hop artist Medulla is setting the tone for his new music to inspire listeners around the world.

Having based his musical philosophy around the power of music and its ability to help people manifest the life they want, he’s taking his artistry to new heights.

Medulla recently released his studio EP “W.I.X.E.D” back in the summer of 2020, which earned him strong praise for its hard hitting lyrics that get people inspired. The name for the EP was derived from emotional damage the artist went through, which he incorporated into the album as a concept and a call-to-action.

One of the artist’s key traits is in using symbolism with his music. The Ox head, which features on the cover for “W.I.X.E.D” represents good vs bad within us. In the album art, Medulla wanted it to represent a balance between two opposing sides, something that is also reflected within the tracks of the EP.

Following the successful launch of his first studio EP, the artist most recently released a music video for his popular track “HIBACHI” which was revealed just last month and hit new chart records for the artist. After the video was released, the artist received an outpouring of support for its message. The video, which highlights how 2020 was a great year, despite the pandemic, is a refreshing look at how hip hop artists can get people to look at circumstances and situations differently.

Embracing the idea that people are the masters of their own destiny, Medulla is working on a number of tracks reflecting the seasons of his life, and his personal journey as an artist. The songs are also based on different situations and experiences, each carrying their own powerful melody to inspire, and get people to think.

With Medulla setting his sights on international audiences for his upcoming releases, the Seattle artist has already built up a loyal following of supporters that are eager to see him break out in the hip hop music scene. Medulla will be revealing his latest projects later this year as he continues to work on new material.

To discover his latest tracks visit his Spotify channel and Soundcloud. You can also follow him on Instagram and see his recent music video here.

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