Human art meets technology as NFT artist Orkhan brings new cultural works to light with AI


Human art is meeting technology like never before as artists like Orkhan embrace AI and NFTs to produce new profound experiences.

© Orkhan Mammadov at the Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea – Giardini

Human art is meeting technology like never before as artists like Orkhan embrace AI and NFTs to produce new profound experiences. Originally raised in Azerbaijan, Orkhan is among a new generation of artists that have fully embraced NFTs and technological advances to create and distribute new media.

Having studied visual communication and fine arts, Orkhan quickly developed new techniques to produce original media. These include adapting AI, Machine Learning models and GAN networks to deliver truly remarkable creations not previously conceivable. And thanks to the rise and adoption of NFTs, it has become more interesting for artists to explore distribution on a global scale for their latest artworks. 

Orkhan, who exhibited his contemporary pieces and new media installations at the Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg, Nasimi Festival in Baku, Venice Biennale de Arte in Venice and the IF Istanbul International Film Festival, decided to develop new art pieces for the digital age, and was the first artist to create an AI designed authentic carpet. This was exhibited digitally as an NFT and sold in June to much fanfare. It is just the latest example of how human art can be transformed by technology and exhibited to reach audiences globally.

Art has always been a way to reflect the culture that it comes from, and now with the help of new technologies, art is being spread across cultures. We are seeing more artwork being created in the digital world that is able to be distributed online. This is also helping to create new cultures as people discover artworks online and share them across various social media platforms.

Producing a dialogue of the utopian and the dystopian through his newest digitised artworks, Orkhan has successfully brought together cultural heritage with contemporary technologies – showcasing his own unique style. Using AI as just one component, he is envisioning a post-modernism trend in the arts. And this is evident just through the adaptation of Gan networks to create and fuse new cultural concepts together.

Have you considered the impact of digitized media on human art and culture?

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