Deliv launches people-driven and tech-empowered express delivery service for businesses


New express delivery company Deliv based in the UAE is helping businesses find success with faster delivery options. 

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New express delivery company Deliv based in the UAE is helping businesses find success with faster delivery options.

Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a growing need for faster delivery times and more flexible arrangements for consumers, which has made it more important for businesses to work with trusted delivery partners.

With the boom in e-commerce and online sales for items ranging from food to electronics, there’s a growing global demand for delivery services that cater for express and next day delivery windows. Within the urban logistics environment, faster delivery times can prove to be a game changer for businesses that want to offer a better customer experience.

For startups and smaller retailers, Deliv is positioning its offer to help businesses grow and power their on-demand services, while providing a great delivery experience for shoppers. The same goes for larger scale businesses with more complex supply chain logistics.

Deliv has developed a specialized cross-vertical delivery service which allows express and same-day delivery for the most time sensitive parcel deliveries. This is part of the last mile needs that a variety of industries have for shipments. The company is also managing a variety of delivery windows thanks to its advanced insight and tracking tools for deliveries. This includes data from pick up through to drop off.

In the context of supply chains, Deliv is also enabling businesses to access an existing logistics infrastructure with appropriate transport vehicles for a variety of package sizes ranging from bikes through to vans depending on the types of items being shipped.

Couriers are also able to join Deliv to make local deliveries, as the company expands its workforce globally to provide more service delivery options.

As the world goes through a logistics and delivery transformation, companies like Deliv are at the forefront of a big shift in consumer habits, bringing about a human touch, while incorporating the very latest in technological advances for fleet and delivery management.

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