Roosevelt Merisier sets the stage in Hollywood Florida as his latest shows sell out


It’s been an exciting year for Roosevelt Merisier, the man behind a series of successful sellout shows in Hollywood, Florida.

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It’s been an exciting year for Roosevelt Merisier, the man behind a series of successful sellout shows in Hollywood, Florida.

After entering the comedy scene a number of years ago on the events side of the business, Merisier has been a rising influence, having successfully created unique experiences for people to enjoy the very best in comedy show performances.

Working with the Everest restaurant and lounge in Hollywood, Florida, Merisier has recently collaborated with a number of notable comedians including the likes of Kyle Grooms, Rob Stapleton, Mark Viera, Malik S, Will E Robo, Esther KU, Cisco Duran, Pierre Edwards to name but a few.

With sold out shows over the busy summer seasons, comedy is very much back in business following a long period of shutdowns due to the pandemic.

As an events curator in South Florida and founder of FNO productions out of Fort Lauderdale, Merisier has been at the forefront of live comedy events in the state, having built up a successful brand of entertainment that ensures audiences keep coming back. As part of his eventing and video creation business, he is also focused on showcasing upcoming talents, giving them a spotlight at various comedy shows and soul nights.

FNO Showtime comedy performances

Launching bi-weekly events for the past 4 years, there’s been an increase in demand for local performances in South Florida that entertain and bring laughter to audiences of all ages. With Merisier’s expertise in event production and filmmaking, he has also been organizing a number of shows on a regular basis including an upcoming live event on September 3rd.

Due to Florida’s booming entertainment business and comedy scene, it’s a great time for entrepreneurs and skilled production staff to make an impact. For industry pros like Merisier, it’s the beginning of a cultural renaissance as new emerging talent and high demand for shows brings out the best in people.

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