New Book “The Return of Great Powers” Sounds Alarm on Potential Global Conflict

A new book by CNN’s chief national security analyst, Jim Sciutto, is raising eyebrows in foreign policy circles.
Return of the great powers book by CNN
US Navy Blue Angels flying in formation over el Centro, CA / © Kelley Ashbrook

A new book by CNN’s chief national security analyst, Jim Sciutto, is raising eyebrows in foreign policy circles. “The Return of Great Powers: Russia, China, and the Next World War” paints a stark picture of a world order in flux, with resurgent powers like Russia and China challenging American dominance and potentially setting the stage for a major global conflict.

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Sciutto, a veteran journalist with extensive experience covering international affairs, argues that the post-Cold War era of relative peace is over. He cites the rise of nationalism, the erosion of international institutions, and the increasing sophistication of military technology as key factors creating a more volatile geopolitical landscape.

Focus on Rising Powers and Nuclear Arms Race

The book reportedly delves deep into the motivations and actions of Russia and China, highlighting their growing economic and military strength as well as their willingness to challenge the established order. Sciutto reportedly warns of a potential flashpoint in Eastern Europe or the South China Sea, where miscalculations or escalating tensions could spiral into a wider conflict.

One particularly concerning aspect of the book, according to early reports, is its focus on a potential return to a nuclear arms race. Sciutto reportedly argues that the dismantling of Cold War-era treaties and the pursuit of new weapon systems by both Russia and the United States could lead to a dangerous escalation of nuclear threats.

A Call for Action and Diplomatic Solutions

Book Return of Great Powers cover
Book cover of “The Return of Great Powers” / © Dutton

Despite the grim outlook, Sciutto doesn’t advocate for inevitability. “The Return of Great Powers” reportedly concludes with a call for renewed diplomacy and a reevaluation of America’s foreign policy strategy. Sciutto reportedly urges world leaders to prioritize dialogue, arms control measures, and international cooperation to avert a potential catastrophe.

Reactions and Anticipation

The book, scheduled for release on March 12, 2024 and currently available on pre-order, has already generated significant buzz within foreign policy circles. Early reviews commend Sciutto’s in-depth analysis and his use of exclusive interviews with key figures. However, some experts express skepticism about the book’s focus on a potential world war, arguing that diplomacy can still prevail.

Whether “The Return of Great Powers” proves to be a prescient warning or an alarmist cry remains to be seen. However, there’s no doubt that the book will spark important conversations about the future of global security and the role of the United States in the current geopolitical landscape.

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