Futuristic and Funky LoFi Techno Sets Vega Missile Apart from Other Artists


Vega Missile’s new concept album combines futuristic electronic sound with brilliantly-executed artwork to create a completely immersive experience.


Fans of Mad Max-style artwork, post-apocalyptic literature, and funky disco-esque electronica will find all three of these wrapped up in a singular new artist who goes by the name of Vega Missile. Not much is known about him, but taking the time to check out the artist’s website and a few of the tracks from his concept album will give you a sense of who he is. 

There’s virtually no information about Vega Missile on his website or any of his social media accounts, but for those who appreciate a good mystery, you can see a glimpse of his personality in his artwork – and even in the way he’s releasing it to the public. The best way to discover Vega Missile for yourself is to visit the artist’s website and take a look around. The landing page contains artwork of some sort of structure on what appears to be another planet, and there’s only one word: Expansion. This is one of the tracks on the artist’s album, and if you click the image in the center, you’ll be taken to Spotify to complete the sensory experience with his music. It’s described as French electronica, and it’s a modern techno sound mixed with pop, disco, and personality.

The experience is somehow ancient and futuristic at the same time, and sitting back to listen to the 10 tracks available on Spotify is, for lack of a better expression, a complete journey of the mind. Vega Missile’s concept album is proof that it’s possible to tell a story without words, and you’ll need to hear it for yourself to understand. Because the album is being released slowly over a period of several weeks, the last two tracks – Mayhem and Renegade – aren’t yet available. 

You can find Vega Missile on numerous social and streaming platforms, including Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram if you want to be one of the first to know when his last two tracks are available. You can also check out his website, and if you’re an artist yourself, you can find him over on SKIO, which is a new platform designed especially for new, up-and-coming, and indie artists to build their networks and support each other. 

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