Trading app Stocks Alerter changing how the market is analyzed through the power of AI


Since its launch in 2019, the Stocks Alerter app has become increasingly a favorite among savvy traders and investors. 

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Since its launch in 2019, the Stocks Alerter app has become increasingly a favorite among savvy traders and investors.

With more than 3000 reviews on the App Store, Stocks Alerter helps traders save hours analyzing the markets through its proprietary advanced AI algorithm that learns about emerging indicators and provides users with actionable insights.

In recent years, stock markets have been evolving, with people making faster decisions on trades through the use of specialized apps. This shift has led to a growing need for real-time statical data analysis among investors.

With traditional investors and market analysts increasingly looking at AI as a solution for trades, the growing demand for fast chart reviews and stock market insights has led to new opportunities for professionals to take advantage of.

Stocks Alerter, which was launched by Taplistic, LLC just before the pandemic hit, now counts over 500,000 investors using its app. Its advanced AI algorithms scan the S&P 500 to determine potentially profitable swing trades and has become popular among traders and those interested in passive investing.

With its stock market signals algorithm enabling traders to make informed decisions about stock investments, it’s also helping users manage their portfolios remotely.

Among some of its core features include its Buy & Sell Receive alerts that help users understand technical indicators. Also with its in-built risk management feature Clear Signals, investors can get advanced insights into specific stocks, and know when to buy or sell.

As part of its offering, Stocks Alerter has successfully simplified complex data and turned it into easy-to-read stock insights, allowing time-pressed investors and new users to understand what’s happening at face value. This has made it one of the leading tools for investors to stay one step ahead.

As the investing world and the stock market go through a transition, apps are paving the way for mass investor adoption, while providing newcomers with educational insights so that they can make informed decisions about stocks and where to invest.

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