RewardCo offers companies new data sovereignty solution for storing information locally


RewardCo has been investing in new systems in line with new data laws and requirements around the world.

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RewardCo, one of Australia’s leading software companies has launched a new data sovereignty offer for clients around the world.

With data protection and jurisdiction requirements becoming increasingly important for global businesses, RewardCo, which serves clients with their next generation engagement cloud architecture, is now offering a new way for businesses to store information in specific jurisdictions.

For data sovereignty requirements, RewardCo has moved its architecture to Microsoft’s leading Azure cloud hosting, enabling the company to now meet the strictest requirements for data processing and storage.

As companies look to comply with new data laws around the world, RewardCo has been leading the industry by adapting its technology architecture to help customers safeguard their data, while ensuring that transfers of information meet the strictest data sovereignty requirements.

Following new laws such as the European Union’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and a host of updated local and national ‘equivalence’ data regulations, firms need to adjust quickly and find the right solutions to host and manage their employee and customer data.

RewardCo also offers a number of software solutions for brands looking to actively engage their customers through its framework for customer success management. Additional services include an employee engagement program, a redemption and benefits program that reinforces purchase behavior, membership, partnership and academic software solutions.

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