Investors back fast growing startup Contractor+ as it helps businesses scale with its all-in-one handyman app


Fast growing vertical SaaS startup Contractor+ is disrupting the contracting business with its new app that helps businesses manage their clients, job scheduling and more.

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Fast growing vertical SaaS startup Contractor+ is disrupting the contracting business with its new app that helps businesses manage their clients, job scheduling and more.

In the booming construction industry there’s been a lack of innovation, with businesses having to use outdated software and different complex systems to manage their projects, until now. With Contractor+, handyman companies are starting to scale up their businesses thanks to a myriad of tools accessible to them via a single app which helps them manage their contracts, send invoices, schedule projects, get new supplies at reduced costs and much more.

For handyman companies looking to properly manage their various client tasks, Contractor+ is also enabling them to keep track of their tools, sync data with accountancy software like QuickBooks, provide clients the custom reports they need, and create listings for new services.

The true all-in-one app for contractors is quickly gaining traction and with its specialization options for over 50 industry categories including property management companies, it’s become an appealing option for many.

Having recently launched its crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder to scale up its offer, the business has already received more than $50k in contributions. And it’s just the beginning.

Founder and CEO, Justin Smith and partner Roshan Sethia, CTO for Contractor+, developed the app to help businesses quickly and efficiently scale up their productivity and profitability. With the ever changing needs of businesses to manage their projects more effectively under one roof, the Contractor+ app was born.

However, monetizing a vertical SaaS business has always been a challenge for new startups. This is where the team behind Contractor+ have looked to innovate by building their model around a free and paid membership that takes a commission on transactions.

Speaking with Yahoo, CTO Roshan Sethia said, “We realized our competitors were missing out on 80%+ of the market, who doesn’t want to pay anything for an app to schedule jobs and send estimates and invoices. They give people a free trial and then if they don’t get out their credit card after 14 days they tell them to kick rocks. We think that’s just silly. By processing credit cards for contractors, we are able to earn a small, but sufficient percentage from every transaction.”

With a transaction based model, Contractor+ is emulating highly successful businesses including Stripe and Paypal while disrupting a booming economic sector with new tools and accessibility. As the market grows by 11-15% annually, it’s estimated it will exceed $10B in value over the next decade, with apps playing a central role in helping businesses operate more efficiently.

Following the launch of their seed-round fundraiser, Contractor+ aims to quickly expand its user acquisition efforts as it gains traction with businesses across a host of industries.

“We kicked off our seed round on Wefunder about a month ago and in a few short weeks have already been able to raise $54,000. of our $250k goal. Our revenues are already nearing half of our burn rate. We should be cash flow positive in a couple more months,” noted CEO Justin Smith.

Available on iOS and Android, Contractor+ has received praise from contractors who’ve been looking for an industry specific streamlined app that can do the job others can’t. And as the economy continues to expand, contractors looking to gain an edge on their competition can look at apps such as Contractor+ to transform their business and improve their profitability.

Have you considered streamlining your business with apps such as Contractor+?

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