Entrepreneur Jack Jacofsky pioneers new trading environment to help young investors strengthen their trading knowledge


Entrepreneur Jack Jacofsky is bringing about a new kind of trading environment that has seen resounding success in its early launch.

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Entrepreneur Jack Jacofsky is bringing about a new kind of trading environment that has seen resounding success in its early launch. Having founded his new venture Invest A Bitt along with co-founders Ryan Muller and Alex Wade, Jacofsky has been pioneering a different approach that traders have benefited from in the last year.

With his new trading group providing a higher success rate than 90% of traditional trading communities over the past 12 months, his method is bringing about a new kind of community interaction, where he shares the latest industry knowledge and expertise to help traders get an edge. And through Discord, a widely used community platform that fosters stronger collaboration, he’s doing something that’s completely different within the industry.

Providing detailed insights on trading strategies from scalping to day trading, swing trading and long term investments with a focus on options trading, Jacofsky’s community group also includes an archive of resources for cryptocurrency investors.

With Bitcoin and digital currencies on the rise, and after record valuations this year, it’s been an exciting time for the cryptocurrency space and traders alike.

For entrepreneurs like Jacofsky, finding opportunities to innovate and change how traders approach their investments has been one of the core components of his vision as well as getting young people to take an interest in investing and strengthening their current knowledge and abilities. Thanks to his unique community, he’s among the few that have emerged strongly in the booming crypto space, building his new venture and showcasing the very best trading perspectives so that investors can develop their understanding of the current landscape.

Using the power of Discord to connect his community, Jacofsky has been offering the very latest perspectives and knowledge. The entrepreneur also hosts live trading events, where new and seasoned traders can join in and participate, and find out about the buying and selling process.

Having started out in cryptocurrency mining at just the age of 15, the young entrepreneur is already making his mark on the industry and has been called a visionary by many of his peers in the digital currency space. Now at just the age of 18, he has big ambitions to build more awareness of trading among young people and helping others find success in the digital economy. He is also planning to develop a new app to build a closer connection to newcomers in the trading space.

As digital currency use soars, and with more businesses implementing blockchain into their payment architectures than ever before, it’s now vital for young investors as well as established pros to keep learning about the latest movements in the digital economy.

Financial disclaimer: Financial trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including NFTs, coins, tokens as well as other leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable professional financial advice should be obtained before investing in these assets or the financial markets.

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