Christian HolyRap Label AFG MUZIK (All For God MUZIK) aims to inspire local talents who are struggling to be heard


New Christian HolyRap label AFG MUZIK, founded by Sean Elliott, is helping to give a voice to new talents and inspire a positive community with the themes of hope and freedom.

Following the impact of the pandemic on communities across America, Sean Elliot, who also goes by the nickname SM, has been developing the label in order to promote the best Gospel music and encourage voices to share their messages.

Prior to the founding of his label, Sean Elliott spent 7 years in prison, and was granted release in 2019 where he set out to rebuild his life. Following his past experiences and newfound passion for music, he decided to dedicate himself to fostering positivity, and to change the lives of people around him for the better. During the pandemic he saw how artists were struggling to be heard, and with venues closed and millions in lockdown, he realized the growing challenge for people in isolation – and how he could make a positive impact by bringing them together.

AFG MUZIK as a platform aims to provide artists the possibilities to truly be themselves and build connections with their local music scene and beyond.


The label is also spreading the word of Jesus Christ and providing good vibes to people from all walks of life regardless of their ethnic origin or religious faith.

Having gone through a difficult time in his early life, SM found how the power of music could heal, and help others make new friends and connections. It is with that passion and spirit that he’s now supporting artists so that they can get discovered in their local communities – helping to raise their talent, and bringing them new opportunities to shine.

With many up and coming musicians looking to share their message, and in the current climate, there’s never been a greater need to give people the chance to overcome their challenges.

The label is currently accepting donations via Paypal and Cashapp: $afgmuzik. You can also discover more about AFG MUZIK by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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