Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft to team up on digital Covid vaccination passport


In anticipation of Covid passports becoming mandatory in the near future, big tech companies are joining forces to allow people to prove they’ve had the vaccine.

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Salesforce, Oracle and Micosoft along with nonprofit Mayo Clinic are teaming up to create a digital Covid passport in anticipation of people needing proof to travel.

The new digital Covid vaccination passports will be jointly developed by a team of health and technology experts across the different companies who will develop an encryption based digital copy for people to carry with them as proof they have been vaccinated.

This encrypted ‘proof’ will be transferable to a secure digital wallet such as Google Pay or Apple Wallet, so that anyone with a smartphone can present it when going out.

In anticipation of new government regulations coming in the months ahead, the companies want to create a secure way of showing people have had their vaccine, while utilizing their smartphones to easily present their digital vaccine credentials.

This could help travelers as well as employers and organizations protect their workforce and visitors to their premises.

The companies also aim to ensure digital privacy as part of the initiative, making the vaccine passport a secure method of proving a vaccination has taken place.

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