Vivo unveils new NEX 3 Series with 5G experience


Vivo today revealed its new NEX 3 smartphone series at a launch event in Shanghai, China.

Vivo Goes Beyond Edges with the NEX 3 Series, Offering Users the Best All-Around 5G Experience / © Vivo

Vivo today revealed its new NEX 3 smartphone series at a launch event in Shanghai, China. A realization of vivo’s ongoing commitment to future technologies, the NEX 3 series will feature 5G and 4G versions, combining vivo’s latest breakthrough innovations and redefining the standard of flagship devices and the mobile experience. Packed with vivo’s industry-leading 5G technologies, innovative display design concept and intelligent applications, the NEX 3 series elevates the user smartphone experience and adds another milestone to the flagship series.

“The NEX 3 series is testament to vivo’s commitment to the future of smartphone design and development. It demonstrates vivo’s continuous redefinition and breaking of boundaries, and pursuit of perfection, by providing users with advanced technology and an innovative product experience. Carrying the innovative DNA of the NEX brand, the NEX 3 series offers one of the most premium mobile experiences and best all-around flagship devices available today – and is leading the smartphone industry into a new stage of exploration in the 5G era,” said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President of vivo.

Vivo Frontier Technology Creates the Optimal 5G Experience

Building on vivo’s expertise in 5G R&D, NEX 3 5G brings industry-leading capabilities for powerful 5G connectivity and a secure network experience. This includes vivo’s upgraded antenna design which incorporates new technologies developed by vivo, such as 5G-6 antenna design, for enhanced signal in any scenario. Powered by Snapdragon 855 Plus, Qualcomm’s first 5G solution, and UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, NEX 3 5G provides top computing performance, smooth multitasking capabilities, ultra-high download speeds (over 1Gbps), ultra-low latency and robust network reliability. The dual WLAN Acceleration technology in NEX 3 5G can use two Wi-Fi signal networks at the same time to greatly boost the network speed, facilitate smoother use and enable users to say farewell to delays and stutters.

To support 5G’s high energy consumption, vivo has further optimized NEX 3 5G’s stamina and thermal conductivity. A super capacity battery (4500mAh) gives users the fuel to go through their day feeling unrestrained, while vivo Super FlashCharge 44W and C-DRX power-saving technologies ensure low power is a thing of the past. The Vapor Chamber Cooling System meanwhile supplies power while remaining cool even with heavy 5G usage. NEX 3 5G is equipped with 8GB/12GB+256GB storage. It also supports global frequency bands and NFC.

Behind NEX 3 5G’s leading 5G technology is vivo’s long-standing development of communication technology. Vivo is pioneering 5G technology standardization, actively participating in standards development for 3GPP 5G. In fact, as it stands today, NEX 3 5G will be one of first mass-produced 5G smartphones commercially available in the market.

Vivo has also raced ahead into the more challenging and unknown field of 6G. Although 5G commercialization has just kicked off, vivo has realized that the future explosive growth of data and the wider application of AI technologies will bring the next wave of challenges in communication. Therefore, vivo has taken the lead in 6G technology R&D, participated in B5G/6G seminars initiated by the industry, and also developed a number of partnerships with universities regarding research on cutting-edge 6G technology.

Breakthrough Design including FullView™ Display

The ground-breaking new POLED Waterfall FullView™ Display stretches the smartphone screen beyond limits with flawless curved edges that flow with sleek elegance. Building on its predecessor’s FullView™ Display design, NEX 3 5G’s screen extends along two sides – the dual curved borderless design provides users with broader views and a more immersive visual experience. At 6.89 inches, the notch-free display has a significantly improved screen-to-body ratio of 99.6%, providing consumers with a breathtaking visual experience every time they pick up their phone.

The display is also equipped with several innovative technologies, including E3 luminescent materials to achieve multilevel display brightness from 1.9 to 800 nits – reducing harmful blue light and reducing power consumption – whilst supporting HDR10, 100% coverage of P3 wide color gamut and low-brightness anti-flicker, for a comfortable, user-friendly screen experience.

In addition, the display’s multi-scenario ambient light on the curved screen’s edge opens the door to a new audiovisual adventure with music rhythm recognition and unique notification reminders. An ambient light show can take place, for instance, when users play music or when calls are incoming.

Plus, NEX 3 5G hides physical buttons from sight, creating a seamless, touch-controlled unibody design. Thanks to its X-axis Haptic Vibration motor, Touch Sense can respond with haptic feedback just like physical buttons for some functions, delivering an experience that’s tangible, comfortable and futuristic. In-Display Fingerprint Scanning also allows users to step into their mobile world both instantly and safely.

Premier Photo-Shooting Experience with Triple Camera Setup

On NEX 3 5G’s back cover sits a round panel with three cameras, recreating the classic Lunar Ring Camera System. NEX 3 5G flexes its superiority in photography with a 64MP main camera, 13MP wide-angle camera and a 13MP telescopic camera – this triple camera means wide-angle, telescopic and macro capabilities are just a click away. Making super HD clarity as a standard for all photos, NEX 3 5G’s upgraded camera allows users to capture life’s splendor down to every last detail.

Users can also bring beauty out of the shadows with features such as Portrait Master’s Hyper-HDR of up to 7.65eV – designed for portraits, it increases dynamic range accuracy between a user’s face and the background’s lightest spot, to ensure that the focal point stands out against backlight. In addition, the Pro Mode helps users master photography without all the heavy kit and hassle.

With a 16MP Elevating Front Camera, NEX 3 5G carries on the signature NEX style. Not only does it make way for the perfect FullView™ Display, it turns every selfie into a unique experience. A purpose-fit motor and customized gear box ensure smooth elevation that operates stably.

Artificial Intelligence for Variety of User Scenarios

Vivo’s AI assistant Jovi has been upgraded again on NEX 3 5G, enabling a fully intelligent flagship experience based on the vivo Computation Acceleration Platform (VCAP). The platform not only accelerates NEX 3 5G’s fundamental system, it also offers AI algorithms for software optimization and enhanced user habit learning for deeper AI integration — providing an impressive speed boost with a personalized experience. Jovi has several upgraded applications, including Jovi Smart Scene, which supports users with daily tasks, and AI Video Editor, which enables users to relive their greatest hits using AI by cleverly identifying faces and moments from videos and using them to create highlight reels.

With VCAP, other AI-based tasks have also been upgraded – Jovi Image Recognizer is now faster and more accurate than ever before. It helps users categorize their albums, perform smart searches within them, detect scenes and group faces. It makes scanned documents look perfect, and much more.

The Future of Superior Audio

The AK4377A independent audio chip delivers the quintessential vivo Hi-Fi experience, allowing users to enjoy a more immersive music experience, relive favorite concerts or get lost in most-loved songs.

Additionally, vivo launched its first Bluetooth earphone at the event — the vivo True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphone maintains consistent high-quality audio with the Qualcomm Bluetooth platform and dual delivery technology, bringing users a unique and outstanding smart listening experience in different scenarios.

The NEX 3 series will be available in the coming months in Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia and other markets.

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