A new breakthrough in E-Bike technology is about to change the way people cycle around the world


A British company has developed a new E-bike retrofit kit that is disrupting the cycling industry.

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A new E-Bike retrofit kit built by British company Connect 4 Engineering is set to change cycling on the global stage.

For many years, the cost of buying a fully mounted E-Bike with a built in battery has been a major barrier to entry for a majority of consumers. However demand has never been so high for cycling, with cities around the world looking to encourage people to get healthy and avoid making trips by cars to reduce pollution.

From Paris to London, Dubai and New York, the cycling industry is on track to be worth more than $51 billion in the next 5 years. Top car producers are also taking note and building their own bikes including the likes of Porsche and GM.

Connect 4 Engineering, a UK based company has developed a fully working prototype E-Bike retrofit kit named the TK-1, which can be mounted onto 95% of bikes regardless of brand or model. Thanks to its core development and early investment in cycling technology, the new retrofit kit has successfully completed trials, and has been seen as a breakthrough. As a mid-drive, hybrid plug and ride system, which delivers true medal assist mechanically and electronically, it can be adapted to bikes people already have, at a fraction of the cost, and with all the benefits of electric powered bikes.

With its inbuilt pedal assist technology, cyclers can choose from a variety of different modes to go from semi to full-pedal assist. The hybrid system will also come with a battery on order with an estimated range of 50-100 miles per charge on average and speeds of 15mph or more.

Thanks to the new breakthrough, people will be able to upgrade their own bikes without having to opt-in for a customized E-bike, while getting all the benefits of pedal assist technology for long trips around the city, going up hills and other more difficult terrain.

Speaking with reporters this month, Connect 4 Engineering Founder Bobby Singh said, “Our model, the TK-1, gives people of any age, an affordable solution which will revolutionize global public transportation. If they’ve got a bike then, thanks to the TK-1, there’s no reason they shouldn’t convert it into an E-bike.”

Overseas, it has already attracted the attention and praise of Royalty including Adnan Al Noorani, The Chairman of the Board of The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi.

Having been introduced to the new technology following a successful trial in Dubai, Al Qasimi said: “We really welcome this innovation from Connect 4 Engineering to the United Arab Emirates. The TK-1 offers a new, fun way to explore Dubai.”

Connect 4 Engineering is aiming to secure new funding to launch its TK-1 model to consumers. Meeting the regulatory requirements of several countries, investors are already eyeing the TK-1 as a significant market disruptor that could go into mass production later this year. People interested in the new E-Bike technology can register their interest via the official TK-1 website.

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