Majority of Americans want improved transparency on how data is handled by businesses


Most Americans want to see greater transparency from companies regarding how their personal data is handled.

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Most Americans want to see greater transparency from companies regarding how their personal data is handled.

In a recent study by Axway, 82% of respondents said they wanted to know what type of data companies were collecting about them. A majority also stated they were concerned about the safety of their data and how it was being managed.

Data security has been increasingly important for Americans since an upsurge in cyber hacking incidents involving businesses and government agencies over the past 12 months. The vunerabilty of data has become more urgent in the minds of consumers as they seek out businesses that have strong data protection measures in place.

For businesses, data security is essential for longterm profitability and to help ensure client information remains safe. With large multinationals also dealing with international datacenters and data sharing, processes are needed to help ensure employees are also managing their data security and destruction efforts.

Verity Systems, a US manufacturer of hard drive degaussers and destroyers recently launch a host of new enhanced degaussers for businesses facing increased threats of data theft. “We’ve seen the landscape changing rapidly in the past 12 months. Businesses need to consider improving their data management and destruction efforts. Safe data erasure can be guaranteed through degaussing and hard drive destruction, “ said David Tucker, President of Verity Systems.

With data flows increasing between businesses and 3rd parties, there’s never been a greater need for improved data processes in companies as well as equipment in place to ensure data can be protected and destroyed once no longer in use.

Is your business providing the highest data security for consumers?

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