One of Philly’s top personal injury lawyers, Joel Kofsky, offers free consultations to support local residents post-pandemic


Philadelphia’s leading law firm is stepping up to help residents affected by slip and fall accidents by providing free initial consultations.

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One of Philadelphia’s top lawyers is offering free consultations to victims of slip and fall accidents as the economy unlocks and people get back to work.

Joel Kofsky, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, has seen the devastating impact of personal injuries such as slip, trip and fall accidents, leading individuals into financial difficulty, often due to the costs of medical treatment and their career prospects being at risk. And in the wake of the pandemic, many slip, trip and fall cases have gone unresolved, with people fighting their insurance companies to claim compensation.

In most cases, injuries lead to Pennsylvanians settling without seeking representation due to the costs, depriving them of financial compensation that could support them with their recovery. And as millions of workers across the U.S. face the prospects of a recession, it has become more difficult to afford legal representation with the ongoing disruption to businesses.

Kofsky, who has seen first-hand the impact of mall accidents and the longterm implications it can have on people, is offering free consultations to citizens, helping them to get represented with no fees if cases don’t settle. His firm also carries out research on each case with the support of expert investigators who work on behalf of clients affected.

People hurt when shopping, or who had a slip and fall accident can often receive financial compensation for physical therapy, specialist medical advice, ongoing chiropractor services and much more.

Having already helped to recover millions of dollars for his clients, Kofsky is offering free consultations to new clients in the hope that they can get the financial compensation they need to get back on their feet.

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