Basketball scouting company LeVeL UP To Train signs over 100 athletes to collegiate programs


LeVeL UP To Train, a basketball scouting company founded by Mario Fleurima is bringing new opportunities to athletes seeking to change their careers.

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South Florida’s leading scouting company LeVeL UP To Train is changing the game for athletes and bringing new opportunities to people looking to make a successful career in basketball.

In just 2 years, the company has managed to sign up over 100 athletes from countries including Finland, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Spain to collegiate programs across the United States. Founded by professional basketball player Mario Fleurima, LeVeL UP To Train aims to help up-and-coming athletes learn from the best in the game and make their breakthrough. And after signing up more than a dozen athletes to professional contracts, the scouting company is expanding and bringing in leading NBA veterans including former champion Samuel Dalembert to mentor new talent.

Having played professional basketball in Spain for more than 3 years, founder Mario Fleurima was looking to bring his knowledge and experience of the game to the next generation of basketball players.

From providing mentorship through to helping athletes achieving amateur, collegiate and professional scholarships, LeVeL Up To Train is planning to roll out its facilities across all 50 states. Since the beginning of the year, the company has also been working with international talent seeking mentorship and representation – and confirmed to Digital Weekday it would be expanding its roster of agents in several countries.



As South Florida’s largest basketball scouting company, LeVeL UP To Train has seen rapid growth since the beginning of the year, and will be launching a series of events for its annual International Academy this summer.

LeVeL UP To Train also provides subscriptions and a scouting placement program along with personal training to athletes seeking to improve their basketball skills.

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