Entrepreneur JD Rex reveals his secrets to success in business


Johnny Dominguez, aka JD Rex has innovated in a highly competitive market through the power of automation and shares his insights on how you can succeed.

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Few entrepreneurs have managed to attain the level of success that Johnny Dominguez, aka JD Rex has with his company Vestige LLC – establishing itself as a major player in the e-commerce space.

As a former 7-figures trader, JD Rex has been involved in more than 20 business ventures, and is currently the CEO of Vestige LLC, a high-growth Amazon retailer that helps businesses increase their profits through online automation.

With a background in software engineering, JD Rex has managed to propel Vestige LLC in a highly competitive market while using automation as part of his product offering to accelerate profitability for the clients he works with.

Among some of the top earners in the industry, Rex is passionate about helping others succeed and has been able to integrate technological solutions in traditional business models to reach new markets.

Bringing together a team of collaborators to take his vision to the market, Rex has developed customized tech solutions which have earned him substantial returns. On his tips for success in business Rex focuses on “getting the details right” and encourages entrepreneurs to think about having “a continuous improvement attitude” while helping others toward their goals.

© Vestige LLC

Speaking with Digital Weekday, Rex said, “I’ve successfully built a solution that makes the Amazon automation stand out while others are still doing everything manually still. Today, I am the CEO of Vestige, a high-growth Amazon retailer, where I lead a team of multi-disciplinary and talented professionals.”

As a serial entrepreneur in several industries, Rex’s passion for e-commerce has helped him find the gaps in the market while bringing his companies to the forefront.

“My passion for e-commerce, innovation and disruptive technologies is only surpassed by my passion for seeing and experiencing the world, learning something new everyday and giving back to the community.”

With many companies vying for product sales through Amazon, there are a number of emerging business niches with lucrative opportunities following the pandemic. And with business owners looking to innovate during a recession, now more than ever, automation and e-commerce is playing a bigger role in business success.

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