Ex-Marine Anthony Rosso turns passion for comedy into expanding music career


Ex-Marine turned music rapper and comedian TheReelRosso smashes past 100,000 streams in just 30 days since launching his new music.

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Ex-Marine turned rapper and comedian Anthony Rosso AKA Rapmedian is taking his passion to new heights as he passes 100,000 streams in just 30 days.

After joining the Marine Corps, Rosso developed a passion for comedy and would host PowerPoint presentations for the Marines with stand up acts during his service. But it wasn’t until after he completed his duties that he would discover that he wanted to explore music and focus on his passion for comedy and rap.

With his newfound desire to explore his creative side, he toured several states and performed stand up and musical acts in support of people with physical and mental disabilities, raising money toward supporting their wellbeing through a nonprofit that he set up to serve communities. This included performances for children and parties in character costumes from Spider-Man to Mickey Mouse.

However, with the pandemic changing his plans, and the lockdown affecting millions of Americans, Rosso decided to focus on connecting with audiences online, and in just a few short weeks he has made a name for himself with his unique style and lyrics which resonate with listeners from around the world.

Speaking with Digital Weekday, Rosso said: “I wanted to explore this more seriously and I know there is someone out there that will get a kick out of my songs. As long as 1 person, just 1, enjoys them, and gets a laugh – I’ll call myself successful.”

After launching a number of tracks on his Spotify and Soundcloud accounts, his hip-hop and comedy songs have exceeded 100,000 monthly streams, with brands approaching him for collaborations.

Some of his successful songs include Like a Soda Pop, Win or Lose and I’m Feeling blessed.

Popl, a company based in Los Angeles became a sponsor after discovering his online success. Its product allows people to connect with each other when they are out and about – whether at a concert, at the beach or any social setting. Through the use of a Popl disc, a phone can scan and immediately bring up all your social media profiles and help you connect and follow with other people you meet.

The partnership is just one of several that has been made possible through Rosso’s pursuit of a music career and deciding to follow his passion – while giving back to good causes through the proceeds he raises.

For musicians looking to take their game to the next level, Anthony Rosso’s newfound success is a great example of how unique talent and authenticity can get discovered – which goes a long way when building an online community and making a name for yourself.

To find out more, connect with Anthony Rosso on Instagram and discover his latest songs on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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