Fashion designer Tony Visions to launch new Genesis collection


Fashion designer Tony Visions revealed this week a preview of his latest Genesis collection which will be coming later this fall.

© Tony Visions

Fashion designer Tony Visions revealed this week that his latest Genesis collection will be coming later this fall. 

Making the announcement to his followers on Instagram, the designer shared a series of pictures showing a preview of what’s to come with models Olivia Raquel and Angela Ibarra revealing new outfits.

Based in Miami, Tony Visions has built a successful fashion apparel brand that has set trends on the Florida coast, with an emphasis on street luxury designs and quality clothing. Working with upcoming and established models, the brand has been focused on giving a voice to the community and bringing new concepts to the mainstream.

Having established the Tony Visions brand back in 2015, the designer’s latest collection is set to bring a different feel to street apparel later this year.

With luxury streetwear fashion becoming increasingly popular among millennial and Gen-Z consumers, Tony Visions has been introducing a series of visual styles to fashion shows around the world. And with his latest collection, fans are eagerly awaiting to see what this fall’s new luxury streetwear look will be.

Speaking to Digital Weekday on Thursday, Tony Visions said the upcoming Genesis collection “embodies a new day for the brand and the fashion world.”

The concept behind the new collection will be taking the fans toward the darkness in order to reveal them the true light said Visions. With empowerment as a core mission of the brand, the designer has launched popular clothing for both men and women over the last several years. Among some of his most popular streetwear items include the Twin Flames Bowler Shirt and the Visions Vice City Jersey.

© Tony Visions / Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week

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