Lifestyle blogger Mimoza Thaqi inspires with her latest fashion outfits


Mimoza Thaqi is setting new trends in fashion after the launch of her new online clothing store.

© Mimoza Thaqi

Lifestyle blogger and Instagram star Mimoza Thaqi is setting trends with the launch of her new online clothing store.

The Albanian born British influencer has risen to prominence after the growth in her social media presence around the globe.

Having had a desire to launch her own boutique online store since a young age, Thaqi decided to create her own online brand – sharing her latest fashion outfits and anecdotes on the latest trends.

Starting out as a model at the age of 17, Thaqi has grown her online fanbase and shares her latest style and beauty tips with her 40k+ young followers – inspiring them to be more confident.

Having been featured in a variety of European magazines including Slovenia’s national newspaper, the lifestyle blogger has had numerous collaborations with top brands from RedBull through to Orphica Cosmetics, LyreFitness and Nasty Girl.

With the launch of her latest collection through her new brand, Mimoza Luxe, Thaqi is aiming to reach global audiences with a new personal fashion style, inspiring young women to feel bold and brave.

As her online community grows, she joins the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, who have leveraged their growing fanbases to build online stores and subscription based businesses.

© Mimoza Thaqi

For Mimoza Thaqi, launching a clothing store has always been the dream, with e-commerce rising in popularity – it’s never been a better time to build a brand online and tap into audiences on social media.

To learn more about Mimoza Thaqi, visit her Instagram to see her latest updates and check out her online store, Mimoza Luxe to explore her latest dresses and outfits.

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