Entrepreneur Evan “The Biz” Melandro encouraging business owners to give back to society post-pandemic


The pandemic has impacted many business owners, but for Evan Melandro, his experience in bio-hazard mitigation gave him an edge at just a crucial moment.

Evan “The Biz” Melandro

For Entrepreneur Evan “The Biz” Melandro, the 2020 pandemic was inevitable, and many companies took too long to adapt to the new normal. From our contaminated indoor environments to surfaces in every setting from the office to the shop floor, there’s been a necessity to change how we approach hygiene.

Evan Melandro, who’s been working with Fortune 500 companies to help them steer to safety, has seen how much of an impact the pandemic has had on businesses that have simply not been prepared, or had any bio-hazard mitigation processes to ensure safe environments.

Seeing the opportunity to support businesses and large corporations, Melandro started to invest in research and development, building a team to design products that could be effective in removing all traces of germs including COVID-19 from within facilities.

After spending several months on Zoom “soapbox” conferences with a variety of businesses across the nation, Evan discussed viable solutions which at first seemed premature to most big businesses. But pre-pandemic solutions suddenly became a necessity, and the entrepreneur has found tremendous success, turning his fortunes around and building an in-demand multimillion dollar business overnight.

Having had the intention to give back and to help people fight the pandemic, his entrepreneurial skills were put to the test, and the entrepreneur, who earned the nickname “The Biz,” wanted to get local schools and businesses to be able stay open – seeing how the knock-on effect of closures was impacting communities everywhere.

Following consultation calls with schools, restaurants, factories, medical facilities, hotels, casinos and more, he was able to provide pandemic fighting tools including his new line of electrostatic sprayers. The SaniSprayer360, which keeps facilities clear of germs, was one of the early pioneering solutions as the U.S. embraced new tools to keep buildings safe.

Speaking with Digital Weekday, Melandro said, “People have been through a lot this year. And businesses need to keep their environments safe to protect their employees and people that visit them on-site. In developing my product for the market, I’ve discovered how important it is for people to have peace of mind, and it is my hope that I can also give back having found a way for businesses to be able to protect themselves from this pandemic.”

Based in New York, Melandro was eager to turn things around, seeing how badly the state was affected, and his vision came to life in an unexpected way.

Melandro has since launched a “Mind Your Biz” show on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify to inspire people to contribute their ideas to society, where they can make a real difference by being mindful of their contribution and what they can bring to the table – whether it’s a product or a service. The entrepreneur is also providing regular donations to local charities to help people affected by the pandemic.

To learn more about Evan “The Biz” Melandro, connect with him on Instagram or discover his latest solutions that protect businesses on Saniprosprayers.com

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