Noyette unveils sustainable clothing range and size inclusive dresses


California based clothing brand Noyette has unveiled its latest size inclusive dresses made with sustainable fabrics.

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Clothing brand Noyette has unveiled its latest sustainable clothing and size inclusive dresses made in California featuring feminine florals and minimalist styles.

Encouraging body positivity through sustainable fashion, Noyette makes its garments from high quality deadstock fabric in order to reduce its carbon footprint. This has enabled the brand to make use of overage fabrics to make its fashion environmentally friendly.

With its minimalist styles and bold colors, Noyette revealed a range of limited edition size inclusive dresses from XXS-XXL in every style that includes a floral printed smocked midi dress with pockets to a minimalist and sophisticated satin t-shirt dress. As a body positive brand with sustainability at the heart of everything it does, the California based company offers high quality garments at accessible prices under $300.

Dresses in the first collection are named after streets in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco – inspired by places visited by the brand’s founder, Riley Bennett. From the Fillmore to the West 82nd, there is a bold playfulness to each dress made to make a statement.

For every order, 10% of each sale value is donated to a charitable organization. This is not for a limited time period either, as Noyette has committed to giving back for all the orders it receives. Currently The Loveland Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Campaign Zero & The James Beard foundation are featured as organizations customers can donate a portion of their order to.

Noyette joins a host of up and coming sustainable fashion brands that are looking at giving back with plans to expand its range of inclusive clothing in the months ahead.

To discover more about Noyette visit the official website and discover their latest range of garments.

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