Bashford Jewelry sets itself apart as the number one choice for ethical diamonds


Family-owned business Bashford Jewelry is helping to bring awareness to mining communities by supporting better treatment for workers.

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For couples looking to pop the question or for those investing in jewelry, there are many social and environmental factors that come in to play when it comes to making a purchase, which this family run business is raising awareness of.

Started in 2013, Bashford Jewelry has been on a mission to bring greater awareness to mining communities, while encouraging better working conditions for miners and their families. With diamonds being sourced from a variety of locations, it’s important to consider the environmental as well as the social consequences that purchasing choices make.

Having advocated for strong workforce protections, Bashford Jewelry specializes in handcrafted jewelry, sourcing conflict-free diamonds to ensure its clients are getting ethically sourced pieces which are custom-made.

What are conflict diamonds?

There are a lot of issues surrounding the distribution and ethics of mining. Blood Diamonds or conflict diamonds are usually sourced illegally from locations controlled by militias or rebel forces. The diamonds are mined by local slaves who are treated inhumanely and the money obtained from the sale of their diamonds helps to fund their military agendas.

With diamonds in high demand, people can often be unaware of the implications of conflict diamonds. Before they reach their final destination, they can be exchanged between multiple people, which may lead to diamond shipments becoming compromised. However, there are ways to ensure you’re not buying a conflict diamond. In addition to checking the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) reports to find out crucial information about your stone such as the carat, clarity, color, or cut, certifications like the Canadamark certification can also show whether the diamond in question is conflict-free or not.

What the Canadamark Certification shows

Canadamark diamonds are fully traceable and are all certified diamonds of Canadian origin. Each Canadamark diamond has a certification number inscribed on the jewelry that can also be checked on the Canadamark website. Canadamark diamonds are responsibly sourced and mined in Canada’s Northwest territory with respect for the people living in the community and the sustainability of the natural environment. Selecting jewelers who prioritize conflict-free engagement rings, such as those sourced by Bashford Jewelry, will ensure you’re not buying a product that can harm the earth or the people living on it.

Choosing ethically sourced conflict free diamonds

Family-owned Bashford Jewelry has ensured their diamonds are conflict-free since its founding. People that choose to make a diamond purchase through Bashford Jewelry can trace them back to their origins, guaranteeing that they are ethically mined, cut and polished.

Regardless if you’re trying to find a conflict-free engagement ring or other pieces of jewelry, it’s essential to pick a reliable jeweler who cares about the work they do.

Bashford Jewelry has ensured that its customers receive high-quality, ethical diamonds while sticking to their values of being truthful, transparent, and traceable with everything they do. This has allowed the business to thrive in the industry, and with ethically sourced diamonds, customers can have the confidence that their purchase is supporting communities and protecting the planet.

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