How Healthynox is changing the way people receive mental health support through AI


Mental health platform Healthynox is bringing scaled, wellbeing coaching powered by artificial intelligence to educational institutions and the workplace for the first time.

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With more than 600 million people worldwide struggling with mental health ailments according to the latest research from the World Health Organization, there’s a growing need for scalable solutions to help support people in need of mental health therapies.

Healthynox, a new mental health platform, is about to change the way organizations provide support to their people through artificial intelligence and scaled wellbeing solutions.

For many Americans, mental health is an important aspect of overall wellbeing, but with the health system under strain and many individuals looking for more direct routes to treatment – it’s difficult to get the kind of support one often needs. 

The serious consequences for organizations and their people include up to 5 times more absent days at work, 5 times more likely to be on disability, 4 times higher medical costs and 2 times more likely to quit or be fired. This leads to a preventable average matter of expense of more than $120,000 per year per 100 employees.

With Healthynox’s innovative online platform, the healthtech startup is seeking to improve these grievances and provide holistic mental health solutions to organizations that want to see their people thrive and increase productivity at scale.

Founded by Lucas Roemer, and Sven Böttger, Forbes’ 30 under 30 2020 Social Entrepreneurs in Europe to watch, the duo have combined years of experience to develop and launch a SaaS based platform that’s set to become an industry disruptor.

Speaking with Digital Weekday, CEO and co-founder Lucas Roemer said: “I’ve always had a passion for changing the world around me—bringing it into harmony with a vision for society in which people can flourish and thrive. I’m a firm believer that technology can radically transform the way we treat mental illnesses and that’s why we started Healthynox with an aim to create a future that encompasses that vision.”

The startup aims to not only provide direct support to people around the world, but to help organizations provide solutions to their staff to improve productivity at scale, and through accessibility.

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Healthynox provides a number of mental health programs including digital cognitive behavioral therapies and specialized sessions addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, substance abuse and many more.

With mental health being crucial for employees and business success, solutions such as Healthynox’s platform enable online behavioral health training for companies big and small – as well as academic institutions including universities.

“Being healthy is one of most valuable gifts in life. I believe there is a huge gap between an ideal mental health state and people’s actual wellbeing. I have always been looking for opportunities to make the world a better place and I am convinced that technology can support us in the future to advance people’s lives. I am proud to share that vision with a team of great talents and working on it everyday,” said co-founder Sven Böttger.

It is estimated that just a 5% improvement in employee productivity would add more than $399 billion to the U.S. economy. And for every $1 dollar spent on mental health support, according to the World Health Organization’s latest studies, it would return $4 in productivity – a 400% return on investment.

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are only utilized by 1-2% of the workforce, but with Healthynox, organizations are able to respond to a broader audience with a wide range of mental health services, providing users with guidance and tailored resources to support their wellbeing, resilience, engagement, and productivity.

From online wellbeing & behavioral health sessions and secure messaging with providers to personalized mental health exercises, goal setting and tracking, Healthynox’s new platform is bringing about a fundamental change that could shape the workforce of tomorrow – and in doing so, help organizations and businesses address the biggest emerging crisis in our society.

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