Businesses step up data security measures as risks of fines increase


Businesses are investing heavily in data security as new threats emerge in cyberspace.

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Businesses are taking precautions to protect data in an increasingly hostile online landscape.

Digital connectivity and a boom in people working from home has added layers of complexity to businesses that want to provide safe data security for global, remote workforces.

To make matters worse, the sudden impact of the pandemic has meant that companies of all sizes have had to factor in data security, implement new procedures and acquire new tech solutions with little time to get them up and running.

According to new research by Oracle and KPMG, cybersecurity experts and IT professionals are struggling to find solutions to protect employee and consumer data. This is especially the case with cloud security models. And 80% of IT professionals in the study said that they were focusing on securing data following a number of high profile data breaches.

Verity Systems, a manufacturer of hard drive degaussers and destroyers has been one of the key players in the data security industry, helping businesses comply with new laws and erase their data securely. The company recently announced new solutions to track and erase hard drives with live data auditing which many companies have yet to implement – especially when they are upgrading to newer systems and still have a large volume of hard drives to erase.

In total, more than 78% of organizations surveyed by Oracle said they had up to 50 cybersecurity products operating simultaneously to protect systems, but at least 35% admitted they had exposed web servers and networks that had yet to be fully secured.

The eye opening data is just an example of how far companies need to go in order to address data security concerns, and with stricter laws like CCPA and New York stepping up its own data compliance and enforcement, it’s only the beginning.

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