Urban Decay launches “WORDS HURT IRL” with Cybersmile and “Tall Girl” star Ava Michelle on Stop Cyberbullying Day


Urban Decay and Cybersmile today announced the launch of a new campaign entitled “WORDS HURT IRL” featuring “Tall Girl” actress Ava Michelle.

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Urban Decay and Cybersmile today announced the launch of a new campaign entitled “WORDS HURT IRL” featuring “Tall Girl” actress Ava Michelle.

Featuring a host of videos starring Michelle, a firsthand victim of bullying, both in real life and online, they share an impactful synopsis of her personal story and inspire viewers to “stop giving hateful words power” and to “cancel online hate together.”

Ava’s career began as a star on “Dance Moms,” where she was dismissed because she was too tall for the show, with her 6’2″ frame. She went on to star in “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” as well as the blockbuster Netflix series “Tall Girl” and its sequel, “Tall Girl 2.”

Speaking about the launch of the initiative with Urban Decay and Cybersmile on Stop Cyberbullying Day, Ava said: “I feel that one of the best things that you can do with the hardships you have faced, is to truly share those experiences with others and be able to learn and grow together.”

WORDS HURT IRL is the latest addition to Urban Decay’s ongoing commitment to champion a call-to-action denouncing cyberbullying, one of the most harmful forms of mental health abuse plaguing the world today, with more than half of young adults personally experiencing harassing behavior online.

In 2021, Urban Decay announced a three-year partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation, an award-winning nonprofit dedicated to digital wellbeing and combating all types of bullying and abuse online, to launch a multi-faceted campaign against cyberbullying. Given Urban Decay’s early role as a leading digital marketer in the cosmetics business, the brand’s commitment to combat cyberbullying was a logical fit, aimed to make the brand’s online community – and beyond – a welcome, inclusive, and safe environment.

The Cybersmile Foundation and Urban Decay collaborated to offer education and support materials for vital subjects including cyberbullying and mental health. This included six interactive Urban Decay x Cybersmile Education Modules and an accompanying digital changemaker toolset, debuting in February 2022 that was made available free to all users. This online education, which aims to reach 500,000 individuals, provides users compelling materials on topics ranging from “Allyship on Social Media” to “Dealing With Online Bullying” to “Becoming a Changemaker.”

Stop Cyberbullying Day takes place on the 3rd Friday of each June and receives support from a wide range of institutions, brands and public figures. People can take part by using the #StopCyberbullyingDay hashtag with their posts across social media platforms.

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