Robotic massage chair Meshed launches to bring comfort and relief to people suffering from back pain


New robotic massage chair Meshed is aiming to solve a big problem that millions of Americans are struggling with: back pain. 

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New robotic massage chair Meshed is aiming to solve a big problem that millions of Americans are struggling with: back pain.

Launched by Cambridge Masters graduate Rohan Kamdar and co-founder Sergio Martinez, the British inventors of Meshed have brought together a leading team of experts and engineering graduates from several universities to completely re-design the experience of personal back massages.

Rohan Kamdar, a former Forbes 30 under 30 winner, made a name for himself by inventing a manufacturing robot that irons garments and removes wrinkles while simultaneously handling up to 12 items. Last year, BSH purchased the IP and technologies of the ironing robot. Following the successful sale, the founder came up with the concept for a new massage chair and Meshed was born.

Meshed: The massage chair that relieves your pain

The Meshed device has a streamlined appearance with replaceable 5-head rods for depth, pressure, and shape adjustment. Thanks to its 3D-axis mobility and easy-to-use app, users may control all of its major features from a mobile device and familiarize themselves with their preferred arrangement. The chair also reproduces the movements of world leading massage therapists and comes with an adaptive chassis that is designed to fit the user’s lifestyle and seating configuration.

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Custom back massage sessions can be scheduled to provide the ultimate in relaxation that’s matched to each individual’s needs. As a result of its incorporated AI software, the device becomes smarter over time, learning about the user’s individual preferences and what works best for them.

Engineers and designers with different experiences in product research and development make up the Meshed team. Over the last two decades, they have created a total of 75 products. Their united portfolio is a story in and of itself, including everything from ion thrusters and blood analyzers to furniture collections and medical cases. Meshed was also designed in partnership with the London School of Massage.

Creators of Meshed this week have invited early adopters to become among the first to back the device through an upcoming crowdfunding campaign that launches November 15. The first 250 backers can pledge as little as £1 ($1.40) now to get their Super Early Bird discount of £197 ($270) at a 45% discount (RRP $480).

To learn more, visit the website to explore the campaign and get first access to the limited number of Meshed devices available for pre-order.

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