Vaccertify to launch a ‘social pass’ for COVID-19 vaccine


A new startup based in Seattle is building a prototype ‘social pass’ that could play a major role in the upcoming COVID-19 pandemic.

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Vaccertify, a Seattle based startup is developing a prototype ‘social pass’ that could help save lives as the national rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine begins.

The startup has designed a digital-first vaccination certificate that can be displayed on a phone, including the user’s name, and a portrait photo of their face. And along with a scannable QR code, the new prototype COVID-19 ‘social pass’ will provide people with a quick and easy way to present their vaccination code for use in different meeting settings.

The prototype, currently in development ahead of the planned first-stage rollout of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, will be able to offer a way for people to demonstrate they have been vaccinated, bringing peace of mind to those that are considered more at risk when they are in contact with someone who may not have been tested.

With the FDA currently reviewing the new vaccine following its successful trials for a national rollout in the coming months, businesses like Vaccertify are looking for ways to build trust in the community and empower those who have taken the vaccine with a digital certificate that can be easily shown through a simple interface. Digital certificates would also be tied to a validated government ID to ensure proper use of the system.

The company aims to launch a pilot program as soon as the first vaccine becomes available to test its digital certificate. It is also aiming its solution for situations including personal meetings between more vulnerable, elderly people and other visitors to premises such as care homes or external workers that do planned maintenance on-site, such as plumbers and electricians.

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