Lolly Law wins at LegalTech Breakthrough Awards following the launch of its new practice management solution


Lolly Law, a leading legal case and practice management software provider, is celebrating its latest industry win, helping legal professionals to better manage their cases.

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Lolly Law is celebrating its latest win at the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards this year after it released its new innovative software solution for legal professionals to help them with their cases.

Equipped with customized workflows and form sets from the FBI to the DOJ, DOS and USCIS – Lolly Law’s software makes it easier to manage and track current cases for legal professionals. It also comes with a host of tools, note keeping, scheduling options, time tracking and billing management to help teams monitor cases as they progress in realtime.

This year, the privately-owned SaaS company based in Meridian, Idaho, released a new version of their award-winning practice management solution covering immigration cases. The new online immigration form-filler called “ReForm” enables attorneys to live edit and fill forms when working with their clients.

Recognized this year by the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards with the ‘Practice Management Innovation of the Year’ Award, Lolly Law’s solution has attained industry recognition and is now considered among the world’s best technology innovators supporting the legal profession.

The new ReForm feature launched by Lolly Law has also given attorneys an edge when it comes to challenging and complex immigration related cases that require specific government form sets. The software enables remote teams to work on cases with short turnaround times, including built-in features also compatible with existing productivity suites including Microsoft 365 and GSuite. For interconnectivity with other apps, the company’s software also integrates with Zapier.

With the legal profession going through transformational change, software solutions like Lolly Law’s Legal Case Management for Immigration are changing the way legal practices work with remote teams, speeding up collaboration and providing easy-to-use tools for managing complex cases.

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