Universal Fire Shield sees growing demand for fire safety products as economy rebounds and new fire risks emerge


The nation’s largest provider of fire fighting tools and fireproofing products has seen a big uptick in demand as economic activity expands and construction rebounds.

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Universal Fire Shield has seen a surge in domestic demand as businesses rebound and new industries emerge in the wake of the pandemic.

With the American economy beginning to recover, industries are expanding production lines as consumer spending rises. And with the construction industry seeing a strong rebound this quarter, fire safety continues to be a priority.

Specializing in fire prevention products, Universal Fire Shield manufacture fire retardant treatments in liquid form. These are sold in various quantities including single gallon jugs, 5 gallon Pails and for larger orders, 55 gallon Drums and up, depending on business requirements.

Having served the construction industry and a variety of businesses for more than 20 years, Universal Fire Shield in a statement this week said they had seen a growing demand for fire safety products in industry. And one of the factors has also been in the changing environmental landscape, particularly in states such as California and Florida, with increased fire risks where fire prevention products have become vital to protect homes, businesses and public buildings.

Among some of their latest products include the Fire Kote 100, a premium product that’s used largely in lumber and building projects with code compliant classifications including the industry standard Flame Spread classes in both A and B categories.

For many businesses, fire prevention measures can help protect people and prevent fire from spreading, with reduced smoke development. This also goes for public buildings from schools to government offices. Products that are used include latex paint additives; sprays that can act as fire retardants, and be applied by a paint roller during building work.

And in cases of wildfires in states such as California with year-round weather events and increased fire risks, Universal Fire Shield continues to provide products to help people prepare for fire disasters and extreme conditions.

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