Mikhail Andersson’s latest tattoos are setting trends in New York’s creative scene


An in-depth look at tattoo artist Mikhail Andersson and how he’s making an impact in the creative community.

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Having started out tattooing in Moscow, Mikhail Andersson moved to the US looking for a new adventure, taking him to Miami and then later on, New York, where he would set up shop.

Having been attracted to New York’s creative vibe, the tattoo artist wanted to bring his artistic vision to light. At the beginning of his career, he worked for a number of advertising agencies, spending most of his time from project to project creating graphics for corporate and government clients, but he yearned for more, and wanted to hone in on his own styles. His connection with art was also missing in the corporate world, with the cumulative stress and pressure from big multinational companies finally making him decide to change his life.

When moving to New York away from the corporate career path, Andersson concentrated on what he loved best: tattooing. And with an ambitious goal he focused on setting up a shop that would also be a great place for creative people to hang out.

Being a fan of Neo traditional styles, he began to create unique tattoos for people that could tell a story and leave a wow factor. He was also connecting with a new community that gave him inspiration to try different styles and get more artistic with his tattoos.

Finding his creative flow, he quickly managed to build up his brand in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side, and on the fringes of Chinatown, First Class Tattoos was born. It was here that he was able to start bringing about a new kind of color realism that was trendy and had a big appeal – and has had a profound impact on New York’s creative scene.

To-date, the tattoo artist turned entrepreneur receives clients from all around the world that travel specifically to his shop (lockdowns and pandemics permitting), where he now works alongside a team of passionate artists to provide professional tattooing.

From local New Yorkers to celebrities and business owners, Mikhail Andersson’s tattoos encompassing abstract patterns and watercolor finishes bring a refreshing look to his clients that has made him revered in the creative community.

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