How Oceanview Manor Home for Adults is operating in our new reality


About 800,000 older Americans live in assisted Homes. Unfortunately, some of them have been largely overlooked in the coronavirus-relief efforts.

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About 800,000 older Americans live in assisted homes. Unfortunately, some of them have been largely overlooked in the coronavirus-relief efforts, leaving many of them underfunded and struggling. As a result, families and caregivers say, their residents are “falling through the cracks.”

A great example of a better way to manage this kind of home is being demonstrated at Oceanview Manor Home for Adults. As expected from this home, they’ve taken swift and decisive actions to protect their residents and maintain a high level of care. 

“The Oceanview Manor Formula”

Actions that Oceanview Manor Home for Adults have taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • Suspension of all visitations unless it is medically necessary or involving situations concerning the end of life.
  • Protocols for testing residents and staff for coronavirus including regular testing of staff.
  • Implementing safety protocols to prevent Covid-19 from spreading such as ensuring that all the staff members and healthcare personnel wear a face mask, and refrain from any physical contact among the residents and other personnel in the facility.
  • Creative ways to fight the risk of depression and cognitive decline by catering to the emotional and social needs of its residents with tools such as video calls.

Oceanview Manor Home for Adults has been creative in developing alternatives to keep residents entertained and active, both mentally and physically. That kind of creativity keeps the residents in a positive state of mind as well as their bodies active.

The home is putting in “the maximum effort as they can to have some sort of normalcy,” said Lisa Vider, Administrator for Oceanview Manor Home for Adults.

As the world continues to adapt to the new reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, Oceanview Manor has been prioritizing both compassion and care in all the decisions they make, with a long-term commitment to providing excellent care. Their number one priority and guiding principle is to maximize the health and safety of their residents.

As a result of the set of creative and preventative strategies implemented by Oceanview Manor to address this new reality, the environment of the home is prioritizing safety first. Manor will also continue to make the most responsible decisions for all of its staff and residents alike.

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