TravelPool set to revolutionize tourism with its all-in-one travel convenience platform


TravelPool is looking to disrupt the tourism industry with a world-class travel convenience platform that will make it easier for travelers to book and manage their trips.

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With the tourism industry set to boom in the coming months as the lockdown eases, one company is seeking to make a profound change to the way we book and manage our travel plans.

For most travelers, booking accommodation, flights and renting cars can be a hassle, especially when having to set up multiple accounts with different companies. With all the digital baggage that comes with having to login to different systems, there’s not a convenient way to manage everything under one roof.

TravelPool is looking to change all that by disrupting the experience and providing users with an all-in-one travel convenience solution – accessible 24/7/365 online. The aim – to make things a lot easier for people to book their trips, while saving them high commission fees on travel booking service providers, and with all their travel activities and payments synced under one dashboard.

In addition, TravelPool is leveraging its expertise in digital platforms and data intelligence to develop a tailored service for users that want a personalized experience – including simplified payment processing for booking air tickets, hotels, car rentals and more. Its new platform will also offer users with recommended travel options based on their activities and previous booking history.

The tourism industry is estimated to be worth nearly $652 billion globally, and over $172 billion in the U.S. With the knock-on effects of the pandemic, and the industry-wide changes, disruptors like TravelPool could be making significant inroads in the new ‘digital travel economy’ as we head into 2021.

And the expectation is that travel spending will increase along with the growth in the global population – particularly in Asia and Latin America as economies develop and people have more purchasing power. Domestic travel in the U.S. is also on track to recover as airlines restore routes and cities unlock.

Companies like Airbnb, Uber, WeWork and Lyft have become global successes in just a few short years thanks to their ability to scale through smart, digital platforms, and with TravelPool set to disrupt tourism, we could be on the cusp of another travel revolution.

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