EA Home Design leverages Instagram to become a household name


A Home Design founders Ali Meshksar and Kevin Kamali are taking their remodelling company to new heights thanks to the power of Instagram.

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Remodeling company EA Home Design has managed to breakthrough the noise by embracing the power of Instagram to build its client base.

Founders Kevin Kamali and Ali Meshksar have more than 20 years’ experience in the business, delivering bespoke, custom designs for home living. But it wasn’t until the two founders embraced social media that they were able to leverage their brand to its full potential.

Through its Instagram profile, the Virginia based remodeling company has built a large following of more than 100,000 loyal fans, showcasing their latest designs and giving insights into how they approach their projects.

As Instagram becomes important for businesses looking to tell their story, EA Home Design have been able to outshine local competitors by building not just a following, but also providing high value content that educates potential clients on what their business can do for them.

While many traditional brick and mortar businesses are making the transition to social media, EA Home Design has managed to create an editorial strategy that sets them apart. The founders of the business saw early on the power of Instagram, and how social media could bring them closer to their clients.

Speaking with Digital Weekday, Ali Meshksar, who co-founded the business with his partner Kevin said, “Instagram has given us a home to present what we do, and to demonstrate our passion for design. We’ve been so grateful for this community. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and even during this pandemic, we’ve had a lot of interest and support from our followers.”

© EA Home Design

From kitchen remodeling to bathroom design and basement renovation, EA Home Design has built a story around its services. It’s also embraced short videos to promote their latest projects where the founders share their opinions, anecdotes and philosophy on all aspects of their work. It is thanks to this approach that they are able to build rapport with new potential clients, and they’ve managed to make their company a go-to for people interested in their services.

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