The Templar Fund releases its latest earnings for Q3

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The Templar Fund has revealed its latest quarterly earnings for 2020 showing strong growth in returns for investors over a 2-year period.

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The Templar Fund has announced this week its latest figures for 2020, with earnings of 19.3% for Q3. In their latest report, investors saw returns of $2539 in the third quarter before fees for every $1000 invested in the fund since November 2018.

Following the continued growth in the digital currency space, the Templar Fund, a privately managed digital asset hedge fund, has seen consistent quarterly returns for its clients around the world.

Providing a blockchain-transparent trading platform, the Templar Fund offers investors a simple way of making deposits through a treasury address, without the need of having an online account, personal ID or (KYC) documents.

Investors saw a total compound return on their equity of 153.95% in Q3, as well as a net balance after fees of $1904.64 for every $1000 invested.

In response to the latest results, and the ongoing market disruption of COVID-19, the Templar Fund stated that they had been “determined to limit the fund’s exposure to asset price and instead focus on yield farming using assets that were benefitted by this uncertainty. Wonderfully, we achieved nearly 20% return this quarter as a result of these activities. Our yield farming efforts of DAI, USDC, USDT, mUSD and MTA allowed us to earn profit without needing to decide our exposure to market pricing.“

As digital currencies go mainstream, the Templar Fund has established itself as one of the world’s best performing managed digital asset funds that offers clients a way to invest through anonymous trading in a decentralized manner. This has allowed investors to redeem any and all of their investment capital within 24 hours, and without lockup periods.

Templar Fund 2020 3Q Earnings Data
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The full report for 2020 Q3 can be downloaded here. To learn more about the Templar Fund, visit the website for additional investor resources.

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