10 Work-From-Home Productivity Must-Haves

Jenn Stewart

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the way we live, many are choosing to join the work-from-home crowd when possible, avoiding busy offices and face-to-face meetings. But with this change of workplaces comes new challenges. Keeping productivity high when surrounded by distractions is a difficult task. These 10 work-from-home productivity must-haves can help you find success at home.


1. High caffeine energy for steady and prolonged focus, without a caffeine crash.

High Caffeine Tea

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Your usual $5 coffee might not be as accessible while working from home, but here’s an award-winning, better-for-you alternative. Zest Tea’s high caffeine teas are made with natural and healthy ingredients (sugar-free), and will give you a boost with up to 150mg of caffeine to help you power through your workday at home. These are great for prolonged productivity as the L-Theanine (an amino acid naturally found in tea) promotes a feeling of calmness without causing drowsiness as the day goes on.

They’re also available in carbonated iced tea format, if you’re not into brewing tea.

2. A short, concise, and fun read to improve your work from home productivity with easy tips.

Work From Home Survival Guide

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Following on from an energy-boosting cup of tea, taking breaks is also an important part of maintaining productivity while you work from home. Avoid the temptation to give up your lunch break or work past office hours – let your mind relax and recuperate so you don’t burn out fast. While you rest, try enhancing your work-from-home knowledge with this survival guide by Michael Wexler. Common sense tips highlight the joys and benefits of working productively from home.


3. Wireless Bluetooth headphones block out noise or play productive tunes without tying you down.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Created by one of the best audio equipment brands for high-quality products, the Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are essential for good productivity in a noisy household. With noise-cancelling tech and a wireless design, you can wear these around the house to block out noise or play your working from home playlist comfortably. Renowned for their high-quality yet expensive products, these headphones are built to last whether you work from home permanently or just for the coronavirus outbreak.


4. A monthly and daily planner to organize your activities and prevent distractions.

Daily Journal for Planning, Productivity, and Happiness

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Planning on paper, rather than on the email or calendar app on your phone, is certainly old-school. However, it beats back the temptation to check on social media every time you look at your phone or be distracted by whatever new message has popped up. The non-dated personal planners are best for flexibility. The Power Place planner has productivity and workplace happiness built into it, with sections to prioritize daily tasks and make note of achievements.


5. Improve back health and maintain productivity with a posture-correcting chair.

Work Chair

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If working from home is a long-term venture for you, ensuring you have the correct seating position is essential. Even if you don’t have space for a desk, park a desk chair at your dining table or breakfast bar. Designed for long-term use, they’ll keep you working comfortably all day – even more comfortable than sitting in bed or on the sofa. A comfortable workplace won’t distract your productivity with backaches and strained eyes.


6. High-speed wireless hotspot to keep your workflow moving even when the home WiFi drops.

Hotspot WiFi for Emergencies

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Designed for traveling, a wireless WiFi hotspot should also be an essential item for anyone working from home on computers. Bad WiFi connectivity can kill your productivity with endless frustration. Having a back-up to hand is certainly advantageous and often more affordable than relying on your cell phone data. Working on the go is easier too, for when you’re stuck at a home-away-from-home but still have virtual meetings to attend.


7. Keep your workspace organized and your mind focused.

Desk Organizer

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Often one of the simplest and most overlooked tools for productivity at home. Creating an office space separate from the distractions of the TV, fridge, or games console, is helpful when you need to focus. Keeping all stationery together and easily accessible in a cheap and simple organizer on your desk prevents the need to turn your house upside down looking for a pen or post-it note, effectively killing your productivity for the afternoon.


8. Keyboard with built-in palm rest and ergonomic mouse for ease of use.

Full Keyboard with Ergonomic Design

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Maintaining productivity from 9 to 5 requires comfort, focus, and the right tech to make it possible. Logitech wireless keyboards with a built-in palm rest are far more versatile and easy to use than your laptop keyboard. An ergonomic mouse is also a great tool, being faster to use than a touchpad and sculpted to your hand. Investing in these items could prevent repetitive strain injuries from working from home.


9. Prepare weekday lunches in advance to keep your lunch break stress-free.

Prepare weekday lunches in advance to keep your lunch break stress-free.

Meal Prep for the Week Ahead

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At the office, you don’t stop midway through the day to prepare a full meal. Eating out, opening a lunchbox, or heating Ramen Noodles in the lunchroom microwave gives you plenty of time to rest on your lunch break and catch up with colleagues. Use these glass meal prep containers for working at home, so when your lunch break comes around you can spend it eating and recuperate instead of running around the kitchen.


10. Instant hot water to fuel day-long productivity.

Bodum Bistro Kettle

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17oz kettles boil just enough water for a cup or two of high caffeine tea. This model from Bodum is a great choice when you work from home, as it heats up quickly thanks to the small capacity, so you won’t waste time when you want to brew up a cup of Zest Tea or coffee.

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