The Templar Fund announces its Q2 results for 2020

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The Templar Fund, one of the world’s leading transparent digital currency hedge funds has announced its Q2 results for 2020.

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The Templar Fund, one of the world’s leading transparent digital currency hedge funds has announced its Q2 results for 2020.

As a private digital currency hedge fund, The Templar Fund executes spot and perpetual futures derivative contracts swaps in a decentralized manner (DeFi). 

The fund has risen to prominence in recent months as it has enabled people to invest in digital currencies safely and securely without the requirement of previous accreditation or identity verification.

With digital currencies playing a bigger role in business, Bitcoin trading and investing has become an investment opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolios and explore the growth in this emerging landscape. And following Covid-19 and ongoing disruptions to markets, businesses are increasingly looking toward digital currencies as a solution for payments across borders and in countries where local currencies have fluctuated wildly due to economic difficulties.

Announcing its Q2 earnings this week, The Templar Fund has enabled its customers to earn above 80% returns on their equity and continues to outperform market leading competitors. For financially savvy investors, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency use continues to grow, with leading companies including Mastercard investing in the space.

The Templar Fund Q2 results 2020

  • Reported earnings: 3.716%
  • Total Compounded Earnings: 81.183%
  • Performance fees: (25%)
  • Net Client Earnings: $608.87 per $1,000 deposit

As a 24 hours per day, managed solution for Bitcoin investors, The Templar Fund publishes transparent, blockchain-verifiable public trade data every 10 days. This also includes an earnings report each quarter.

With its unique platform technology and offer to the marketplace, The Templar Fund has disrupted the digital currency space since it was launched, and has become one of the world’s best performing and managed digital asset funds.

As privacy and financial security is essential in digital currency trading, The Templar Fund have invested in robust security solutions – providing clients with complete financial privacy and transparency while ensuring that investors have up-to-date information about the latest industry trends and currency movements.

To find out more about The Templar Fund’s offer visit their website for more information.

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