How the Templar Fund is changing the game for global Bitcoin investors

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Investing in Bitcoin just got a whole lot easier and consumers are looking toward new trading platforms to start exploring digital currencies.

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With the continued growth in Bitcoin trading and the attractive nature of digital currencies in the current climate, the Templar Fund is rising above its rivals to give consumers new ways to invest.

Following the pandemic, the stock market has been on a rollercoaster with large downturns in many industries. But for Bitcoin, the growth has been impressive, peaking through $10,000 for the first time since February. While there are ongoing fluctuations in the currency, in 2020, the general trend is on the up. And there has been growing momentum in the use of digital currencies with the spread of coronavirus where consumers and businesses are exploring transactional, digital payment methods as an alternative to cash.

In the industry, Templar Fund is making it easier for Bitcoin investors to trade with their new automated platform that provides added transparency and live trading information along with its 24/7 broadcasts.

While consumers may be considering long term ETF funds for stability on the stock market, Bitcoin is proving lucrative, with Templar Fund investors seeing astounding 80% returns since the company was launched 2 years ago.

A big topic of debate surrounding digital currencies however has been transparency – and this has been an issue for Bitcoin hedge funds in the past, but with the ability for investors to trade via BitMEX, the cryptocurrency exchange platform – there’s room for growth if you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio.

Companies like Templar Fund have also been making strides to offer published trade information on a regular basis for consumers and giving up-to-date developments on market movements so that they can make informed decisions.

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And with investors being able to access a Wall Street grade trading system, making deposits is easy and there are no restrictions on where a user is based if they want to choose to invest.

For US citizens, it is also possible to operate trade accounts without being subject to FATCA or KYC reporting requirements – a hurdle that previously made it difficult to get into Bitcoin hedge funds.

And as cryptocurrencies become more useful for business transactions for commodities in various industries and in emerging markets, the ability to invest in Bitcoin is becoming an attractive investment option for savvy consumers.

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